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  1. Hi Folk ONLY, I want to share info about 2 new lenses, (to some segment/Users) http://www.xeenglobal.com and http://www.veydra.com
  2. Hi Ryan, From my experience, and you have said. We must create a workflow, appropriate to the requirements of each project. In my experience, different types of camera are used, - Sony HDC cameras chains (avor Triax), for competitions between teams in a game setup: beach (style: Survivor). - Cameras independent (Sony XDCAM-EX) for independent pursuits. (You know, daily tasks) - Obviously options to increase the value of production (GoPro or similar , underwater cameras,) and supports, cranes, steadicam, drones - Ligths, batteries, - Audio: Soundman - Not forgetting the technical quality requirements (color sampling, Mb/s, etc.). - Critical aspects ambient humidity, heat, etc. All this is only a part, the part of postproduction, is equally important, editing systems/Platforms (Avid, Premiere, FinalCut), supported Codecs, storage, data management, backups, color correction, etc. You know, facilities to POST: Speed and Quality. Also, your position DOP, you want ARTISTIC aspects and results too. (color, looks, etc). For comment only some aspects, for these projects, you must plan every detail testing. Sure, we could talk much about it. For now my 2 cents, I hope to help a bit.
  3. Hi Kevin Are you looking for reference on CFast readers, that's right ??? I can say, I have used two models. 1- Lexar CR1: is the version USB-3, solid, fast, reliable, expandable addition to the complete solution of Lexar http://www.lexar.com/workflow?category=203 2- Atoms CFast Reader, is a good choice but as backup unit, any moment, a backUp reader, can save your live. My 2 cents, I hope to help you Nelson Villamil Camera / Steadicam Operator / DIT www.nelsonx5.blogspot.com
  4. Hi Folk Someone who can help me. I need to know where I can get a cable to supply power one slow Fujinon Cabrio (Cabrio 14-35mm / T2.9). I need to fed power from the D-Tap, to the lens, and use the zoom and demad zoom control. maybe like this THANKS
  5. Hello Folk New Releases by Arri, now Alexa SXT - 4K More info. http://www.arri.com/camera/alexa/cameras/camera_details/alexa-sxt/subsection/overview/
  6. Hi New Releases, now Alexa SXT - 4K More info. http://www.arri.com/camera/alexa/cameras/camera_details/alexa-sxt/subsection/overview/
  7. Hi guys. I think, it should also open the space for the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. I'm testing, and will be a team to learn, work, debate etc. http://nanukstudios.blogspot.ca/p/work.html Thanks Nelson Villamil Cinematographer Camera / Steadicam Operator HD Tech. / DIT www.nelsonx5.blogspot.com
  8. WELCOME Professionals, friends, and colleagues in the area of Montreal and Quebec province.
  9. Hi (sorry for my bad english) As a professional (DIT area), I can comment on some aspects to consider. - The shooting conditions (location), is a very important aspect. (External power problems) needs a different solution to work with your entire season in the comfort of a studio. According to this, we must take into account every element necessary to do all the steps from the manipulation of material resources or support on which the camera is recording. Although the quality of the discs, connections, cables to use is very important, it is also very important to the software which perform the "copy" of the data. For me, Drag and Drop or Copy Paste is not the best., Specialized programs for this work allows the verification of the origin and destination. Example for RED Cameras (http://www.r3ddata.com) a UPS is vital. From personal experience and applying a basic configuration and portable, the LaCie Hard Disk d2 series quaddra (LaCie Rugged for difficult conditions), as the G Technology G drive I have always worked well and smoothly. Solid state drives are another option (speed and low consumption) but are expensive and low capacity. Again, make working conditions determine the selection of each component. in real life, In documentary I had to manage the media during a flight. Do not forget that for the whole process must have full redundancy and permanent copy of the DATA, as a minimum have 2 physical disks, independent and copy these units direct from the original chamber. The support post production house for material that is delivered from the shoot, is another very important aspect, storage systems should be equally safe. Store discs good condition and with original material to finish 100% project. For the process of archiving of this material and additional (graphics, music, projects), also should be evaluated options such as LTO, and other options tolerancion always be aware of the fault. I just want to help a little.
  10. Hello I'm CAMS technical and operator, it is indeed a very good support including 35-mm cameras (Arri 435, Moviecam, I have installed)
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