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  1. One caveat though: those ACLs you find currently on Ebay and within the price range and with a viewfinder come with the early, single speed motor. There's a real risk it won't be strong enough to pull 400' safely.
  2. Not that many plastic bits in the ACL magazines to fall apart IMO. Sure, metal pieces have seen lots action on these cameras, since they were used by TV companies in the 1970s and 1980s. Many, many feet of 16mm gone through them. However, if you are moving up from a Bolex (!) and your budget is limited, well, I like the ACL ergonomics quite much. And it is quiet, when it is in good condition. Not XTR quiet, but much quieter than a Bolex.
  3. There is also Adox that is committed to the R&D goal of bringing to the market a new color (stills) film: http://m.adoxphoto.com/color-mission/
  4. For those who are wondering where this film originates from, Henning Serger gives a thorough look at the complex network of different small entities working now together to make color film under the roof of Seal 1818: https://www.photrio.com/forum/threads/orwo-colour-film-teaser.192156/page-8#post-2626317
  5. German test C41 processed results by Sebastian Bock here: https://www.filmvorfuehrer.de/topic/37472-orwo-nc500-erster-eindruck/
  6. Great to have you here @Boris Belay!
  7. Here's the ORWO's official stock comparison video that was linked here (from Instagram) a couple of weeks ago. Please note that the very first and last comparison stocks are Kodak color 250D in 35mm and 16mm:
  8. Have you asked on Photrio forums? https://www.photrio.com/forum/
  9. When I ordered UN54 last May, there was a longer wait and I sent email, I too got a reply of out of office. I googled the name and apparently, the sales were back then run by a single person, a young guy living in the UK. Eventually he returned from his vacation, I got a reply from him and the film was delivered after a while. So, while I do think it's not very professional to have just one guy take care of the website and sales, at least at that time 5 months ago I did receive the goods I had ordered and the price was really good.
  10. Someone probably got too excited about the market response.
  11. Well, apparently Adox was in the process of doing a color film with someone that suddenly after the first batch became unavailable (which is why they are now doing it in house). Some have been guessing it was Inoviscoat. Inoviscoat on the other hand is now part of ORWO. Thus I wouldn't say it is impossible that this film is actually made in Europe like ORWO is saying. Not to mention that a mystery Chinese film maker making new color film would be much more unlikely explanation than Inoviscoat doing it. Making color film is really difficult and restarting production is not easy either. Inoviscoat has been doing that stuff all along.
  12. Most likely it's the Orwo NC500. They have mentioned a feature film was planned to be shot on it. https://www.orwo.shop/products/wolfen-nc500
  13. I pretty much only use Linux. For editing and grading I use Davinci Resolve. For scanning photos with my scanners, Vuescan. If I need some Windows software, in many cases Wine allows running it - and what's funny, one can often run with it older Windows software better than with a new version of Windows. If you need Adobe software, using it with Wine might not work that well though. There are open source alternatives, but for InDesign I do use MacOS. Linux isn't a ShangriLa, but for me it's the best option there is. If you know how to solve problems, then it allows doing things that aren't possible on Windows or MacOS. If you just need your software working and need some special software (not just office / browsing / games), you'll be happier on MacOS and Windows. Just try to enjoy forced software/hardware upgrades 😉
  14. Call him, you'll get hold of him that way - don't send an email 🙂 But he's busy, better prepare for that - he did an ACL S16 modification for me recently - my camera was at his place for about seven months before he had time to work on it. Then the actual work took only two weeks. By the way, what kind of "eye mount" change are you planning?
  15. As long as it's 12V no worries. The 7A is actually 7Ah, the capacity. It also means that it should be able to supply higher amount of amps if the cameras needs it, for example when shooting 75 fps. Sealed lead acid works great for high speed, though it's also rather heavy... remember to charge the battery in a ventilated area. Now, the only question I'd ask is how old is the battery? Is it still good?
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