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  1. Does anyone know if Arri ESU-1 (External Synchronization Unit) can be used with genlock? Or is it only useful with analog video sources? Jon, would love to hear how your tests turn out if you decided to test film cameras with led walls!
  2. Not for sale anymore. Decided to keep them. They work really well with a BMPCC as well, though I had to modify the cheap adapter a bit in order to use the 16mm and 25mm with it 🙂 Here's a frame grab of a scifi short I shot with the 25mm and BMPCC.
  3. I'm not very experienced with Lithium batteries, but make sure to check out if there are some special requirements regarding the cell electronics. At least in some cases Li-Ion requires special circuitry in the battery itself.
  4. Correct :) I can't say that I would be that experienced with electronics. Most of the things I have done is the equivalent of connecting cords: A to A, B to B etc. It just has to be done with solder. The issue is of course that getting those wrong can be fatal to some components. Anyway, as long as the work is restricted to battery cabling outside the camera, you only need to get positive and negative correct. And it can be stressful to think which pin is one and which is four, but once you get it right, soldering is almost like gluing stuff together. Anyway, I know that most people wouldn't want to become carpenters just to sit on chairs. But in my opinion this is not in that league but rather in "gluing that broken piece back". Pretty much everything can be bought as a service from someone else, but for some little things knowing how to do it yourself may save a lot of money and time (spent waiting).
  5. The battery I nowadays use the most with my ACL is an AA battery holder for 10 rechargeable NIMH batteries (1.2V, Sony Eneloop) which is then soldered to 4-pin female XLR connector. The battery holder is inside a plastic box which hangs with loop tape on my mag (see my profile pic). This battery pack I recharge with Ansmann charger. For higher amp output, should I need it for high speed, I have a 12V sealed lead battery and a very simple XLR-adapter for it.
  6. Well, it depends quite a lot on the model. Mine is a Penta 45F, which is a South Korean clone of Wista 45. It cost me about 200 € on Ebay. Lenses about 150 € - 250 € each. Here's a photo of both the camera and one example of mine (on Ektar 100) - but I'm no professional landscape photographer by any means! With a suitable small lens the camera can be folded into a nice, compact package.
  7. If large frame size, mechanical shutters and wide angle are something you are looking for - and all of it also being somewhat affordable - have you given any thought to 4x5" field camera? It is possible to get MF backs for them as well. It is a different experience compared to SLRs, but for landscape photography I like the format quite a lot. And the cameras & lenses are rather inexpensive.
  8. Perhaps Phil just wants to take steps to change that "in a while" to something else? 😁
  9. Use this Freya 🙂 https://imgbb.com/upload
  10. My main gripe with most Avengers and other such movies is the lack of real stakes. It's pointless action scene after another. Don't get me wrong - I like good action. It's just when the stakes disappear and I don't feel anything for the heroes - no thrill! - it becomes pointless. Nolan's Batman trilogy on the other hand is excellent. Philosophical. Stakes are there and as audience I can feel it.
  11. I thought it was necessary to balance it, so I gave Phil an upvote 😇 Edit: Just to make sure no one gets a wrong idea: I haven't given anyone on this thread down votes, nor do I endorse using them...
  12. https://elokuvakonepaja.com/product/optar-illumina-hs-lens-set/
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