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  1. Well that's a quite disappointing find. But I agree, there seems to be among film enthusiasts a class of purists who seem suspicious or even hostile towards anything new. I think all new developments that play together with analog film are to be lauded and encouraged. And I'm really happy Aapo that you do your projects! If I had a camera that needed a new motor, I'd certainly turn to you. As it is, I'm wondering if I should send my ACL to AZ Spectrum for modification, as having more crystal speeds -- especially between 24 and 50 fps -- would be nice to have and AZ has such modification al
  2. I have an old O'Connor 30 which I use with an Eclair ACL. Unfortunately I have been less than satisfied with the quick release plate and the part where it mounts - I don't know if it's just mine that has this issue, but it was very susceptible to small vibrations. Those were made even worse by the need to use a separate cheese plate in order to move camera forward to balance it, as then the center of gravity got even higher. In the end I wound up modifying my O'Connor 30: I removed the quick release plate and replaced it with the cheese plate. The plate is held there from separate
  3. I guess one could say then that experienced, professional DPing has become a niche in the business of making moving pictures? 🙃😉
  4. My family films are all Estar print films (super-8 and 16mm) so good to know at least those should stay good even if my negs rot 🤣
  5. I have been wondering if I should drill some holes in the cans that hold my camera originals. On the other hand, as far as I know, when films are stored correctly, there is air pushed through. But I guess even having some holes and avoiding air tight cans is better than nothing.
  6. Why argue about such thing? After all, for those who want to shoot on film only thing that matters is sustainability of film manufacturing and availability of film & cameras. It's all relative. When film enthusiasts say there is a bright future for film, they definitely don't mean "as in the 1980s" but rather, "compared to 2014". It's also about how film is seen nowadays: Ten years ago: Yay, the dinosaur is going to die! Yay, new democratized filmmaking, lots of Ks and digital bliss! Now: Wow, film is so authentic! Lets shoot on that! Sometimes it can
  7. You are welcome! I agree, I think the star filter works best when there are lights in the image. Combined with clothing that has sequins the effect can be really nice and sparkly. But I guess it can be also a bit "cheesy" so better not use it too often 🙂 I wouldn't use this filter for natural light.
  8. Having bought my star filter (3x3" 4pt Star 1mm) just under a month ago, I haven't had a chance to use it with actual 16mm film yet. However, I used in this video I shot with BMPCC. The sensor size matches quite well with super16 so it might give at least some sense how it behaves: Lenses used were old Zeiss Arriflex Standard T2 8mm, 16mm and 25mm.
  9. I was looking into this option as well, before deciding to go with prime lenses designed for super16. There aren't really good examples on Youtube with Tokina lenses on a camera with a S16 size sensor (not to speak of actual 16mm film camera) but the closest I was able to find is this clip by Hideki Shiota that combines the original BMPCC and a Tokina 11-16mm. How do you find the look? I think it is beautiful, but not really what I was looking for...
  10. Freya doesn't seem to be reachable through this forum currently.
  11. Yes, it's very useful! Also if you get one that's also a trailer, you can take your both babies to countryside and enjoy the scenery bicycling! https://www.thule.com/en-ca/bike-trailers/multisport-trailers/thule-chariot-cheetah-xt-2-_-10100824
  12. Heikki Repo


    I guess at the moment the closest 16mm camera there is to A-Minima size with reflex viewfinder and option for PL mount is the early version of Eclair ACL. Its 200ft mags allow for normal winding on core and 100ft daylight spools. Most labs should be able to spool down to 200ft loads if you buy 400ft of film. If you happen to have extra money just laying around and want such camera, there is on BB List an ACL that has been there for ages -- the seller (from UK) won't consider any offers and the price is relatively high, but I guess that even with buying from him and then having it S16 modi
  13. Anyone willing to part with an earlier version Eclair ACL (version I), regular 16mm? Looking for the small base, 24/25 fps motor but preferably with the built-in light meter. This camera would be used for family home movie making, which is the reason why I do not need the heavy duty motor or 400ft mags. As the end product is going to be work prints watched with a projector, no need for Super16 either. I got lenses as well, so there is need only for a camera body & viewfinder & working motor with perhaps 200ft mag or two. Main issue is price. I'm looking for a camera that has
  14. Heikki Repo


    Unfortunately those prices are pure fantasy 🙂 It ain't cheap to make custom metal pieces and if someone is to put it all together, that person probably would also need to be paid for the work... 😇
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