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  1. We are shooting digital. When you say rectangular ones are you talking about these kind what would fit in a 4x5.6 filter tray, or are there some that are actually a rectangle?
  2. I have a film coming up that I would like to try some split diopters shots on. I have not used split diopters in the past and I would interested to hear about how you have used them. I would love to see how people have rigged them on to the camera so that you can control where the split is in the frame, I don't necessarily want it to cut through the center. Please share any picture you have of your setup, as well as tips, tricks, and things to know when working with split diopters. Thanks, Laffrey
  3. I have a set of PAG batteries, They got left dead or low charge for a few months, and now they are not charging up full, one will not charge at all, is there a way to save these batteries? I remember the guy I bought them from saying something about needing to do a reset some times but do not recall how that is done. Any help is much appreciated!
  4. I'm trying to rig a camera inside a car to get something like these shots from Drive. I would want the camera somewhere around the passenger seat with the rearview mirror angled to see the driver and someone in the back seat. We will be shooting on a Red Epic. Thanks for any ideas or examples on how to rig a set up like this.
  5. I'm shooting film for the first time since film school. I got a few question from that lab that I was not sure how to answer: Its on a form that asked about things like what fps and aspect ratio we want, they also asked about Window Placement, what they are asking for? Also Im not quite sure what I should be asking for on aspect ratio, I want the full 1.66:1 but Im not sure what to ask for do I just say 1.66:1 or do I need to specify how the needs to be letter boxed or anything. Sorry if these seem really simple, thanks for your thoughts.
  6. Thanks for the thoughts and examples, the shoot went really well.
  7. I have a film coming up where I want to do a birds eye shot of two people laying in a bed looking at each other. It should feel dark and we are not going to have the practicals on next to the bed. I would love to hear your guises thoughts on ideas for lighting the scene or examples of shots like this that you like. Thanks, love this community and all of the sharing of knowledge!
  8. I would replace the banner image of the stars with a really nice still from your work. Also the "Go To Links" are not working for me, I assume that these are to play the examples you have listed. I would also change it to "Play" rather then "go to link" Hope this is helpful.
  9. Hi, I'm shooting a short film soon that involves several kissing scenes. I just wanted to see what tips or suggestions people had for lighting kisses. I want it to look beautiful more then sexy, as this is a film about young people. And one of the kisses should be awkward and humorous. Also what are some of your favorite cinema kisses? Thanks for your thoughts!
  10. I'm trying to get an effect kind of like this: Where camera on a snorricam style rig can swing around the subject, I don't need a full 360º, 180º is probably all I need. Any ideas of how to pull this off? We are shooting on an Epic.
  11. People have made a lot of good points here, but I would like to add a few things. 1. While it is good to be able to express what you like about a photo, I think showing images to your team as a way to talk about the look is a vary valid option. I often create a look book to help express what I want to achieve, first I will use this in my conversations with the director, and then will often share some or all of it with others on my crew, especially the gaffer and colorist. We work in a visual medium and I find that is the best place to start the conversation! 2. While the three pictures do have different looks there is one thing they seem to have in common. They come from a time when color reproduction was not as accurate as it is today, so for instants there was a color for blue and a color for green but not as many hews in between them, this is a bit of an oversimplification of course, but that idea might be helpful when it comes to color grading. 3. When it comes to adding grain to they image, I heard of an interesting technique which was used on the short film Curfew. They printed it back to film to add the grain back in. While not the only way it did seem like a fun interesting idea.
  12. I'm a cinematographer in Denver looking for some lenses to use with the a f100. I'm looking to rent or buy some lenses that will give me the swirling bokeh affect. Examples of swirling bokeh (look at the background): http://blog.soutophotography.com/#post38 http://www.thephotoforum.com/forum/b...cal-bokeh.html http://www.flickr.com/groups/bokeh_/...7604538847578/ http://forum.getdpi.com/forum/showthread.php?p=158043 Lenses that I know will give me what I need: Helios 85mm Vinson INA 135mmF2.8 Pentax 25mm f/1.4 C-mount And most c-mount lenses! Let me know if you have something I could use. Thanks Laffrey www.laffreywitbrod.com
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