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  1. Hi all, I was in two minds as to what forum was appropriate for this, but I decided to plunk it here. Hope that's okay. My question is to do with Slow Motion. CAN I: Shoot my footage slowmo (say... 50 frames) and then change my mind in editing and "speed it up" so it's normal speed (the film is 25 fps), and it will be like i shot it normally? (possibly even sync it up with on-set sound, like normal) Or am I oversimplifying things here and/or are there other things to consider whilst shooting, to make this possible. I suppose the footage would still be 50 frames, but will it run seemlessly with the other normal 25 frames footage and look... normal? I've always told myself I knew the answer to this to be "yes" but now that I actually need to do it, I want to check with some pros. We're shooting quite a long montage, with alot of footage, but I know I can't quite gaze the tempo and rhythm of it all, until i'm editing, and therefore would like to leave myself the option, of having some of it in normal speed. I have of course asked my friend google, but I am getting some pretty conflicting answers, from some pretty questionable scources, so I decided to bother you all, afterall. We're shooting on the RED Epic. Edit: And we're editing in AVID, if that helps. Thanks alot /Jacob
  2. Ah yes, that example looks very good! This is definitely the kind of feel I was thinking of. You did that just now (then) on a recently taken photo? Many of you have commented that these images don't exactly have the "same look" and what do I know! With your comments I see now, that these actually do not have as much in common, as I would have thought. But yes, i'm really just using these to edge closer to what i want to achieve (and how), and your comments have definitely helped alot.
  3. Thank you very much for your thoughts. Very helpful indeed. Some of you have suggest shooting it on film and oh how i wish i could. But you litterally cannot get it developed in Denmark anymore (or probably get ahold of the stock!), and the budget does not allow us to send it abroad :) I have previously experimented with adding grain digitally and whereas it doesn't come close, it does give me a tiny bit of that texture i like in film. Anyway! Thanks again.
  4. Hey! I'm making a short film and I want the look of it to sort of resemble the attached photos. Yet I'm having a hard time actually articulating what the look of those photos are, without simply saying "See, like this!" They all to be have a sort of 70s vibe i think (the JFK one obviously having to be pre-1963...) and I want to say the colors "pop" yet at the same time, that the colors are somewhat "faded" - so I am royally confused. So yeah, what defines the "Look" of these photos? I'm looking for some technical terms i guess. Is it a desaturated look? High contrast? Faded colors? Again, just so i can better articulate the look of the film to my crew. Also, the images obviously have a film/celluloid sort of texture.... and feel.... We are not shooting on film but the RED Epic and will of course have to try and recreate the look digitally, probably in the grading process (without plunking on a cheesy instagram filter..), but it would be nice to know the look before so we can shoot with that in mind. Thanks alot! /Jacob
  5. Wow... i thought most of that was absolutely beautiful! and i actually don't think it's too long because it's not a trailer is it?... it's just a video that shows a little about the project and if i was an investor i would want to see as much as i could before i gave my money away. Only thing i can put my finger on is the fact that i didn't get any idea of what the story was about... i know nothing about the movie after watching this. Still looks promissing to me, atleast cinematography wise! By the way... is this finished picture gonna be black and white? Also! can you tell us a little about the story? not reveal to much of course, but a little teaser? :D
  6. Heya! I am by far not the most competent person to answer this but.... Like yourself (i expect) i havn't attented any kind of film school or nothing (i might later though, i am still quite young), but what i did when i some years ago got really into making movies i went to my local library and borrowed all the books on the subject that they would let me borrow and i read them :D I also got my hands on a cheap DV camera and started filming like crazy! As a result i know quite a bit today about what makes a good picture, color, what works and what doesn't and all that sorta stuff. So i think that doing a bit of studying on your own is the best way of learning, if ofcourse... you don't go to filmschool or something. Pretty standard responds is guess, hope it helps though :D
  7. I only recently "discovered" Lubezki (well i only recently got into cinematography, and it didn't take me long to figure he was one of the best). loved his work in both The New World and Children of Men, which is breathtaking at times. So i was surfing around and came across this little commercial for GE on which he aparently did the cinematography. It's on youtube... Many of you probably already seen it while checking up on Chivo yourself, but if you havn't, check it out! 96% of all the shots i would pause, print out and hang on my wall, it's... wow. Granted he lucked out with the beautiful surroundings :D but damn. Commercial Wonder where this is shot?
  8. Well i've been thinking alot about this to. there's no question that the techniques will rapidly become better and cheaper, so i'm alittle worried that this is the future of filmaking. I mean this way you can make shots that are in no way possible using live action, it can save you the hassle (and money) of going to locations and it would save bucketloads of time shooting the actors, because they just show up at the studio, strap on a green suit (or whatever they use) and do their scenes. Rest is up to the computer guys. So do you think that in the future ALL movies will be made like this? (when, as i said, it becomes cheaper to do this than to use live action). It doesn't look like they are far from making it look 100% realistic. That worries me... i donno. I'm not affraid of CGI and special effects and stuff, most of the time they can greatly improve a movie, and loads of our favorites of course couln't happen without it, but from that to doing the whole movie on the computer... Ruins it i guess?... Thoughts?
  9. Yes it's sad indeed. Two of the greats in two days... wow. They were old of course and we knew they wouldn't live forever, luckily their work will. R.I.P
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