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  1. I'm pretty excited to get my hands on one.
  2. Check it out on EBAY Thanks guys. Ebay Red Drive Bracket
  3. Check out my Reel, this is my first one. I did a couple of roughs but this one turned out best. I have some more footage on its way. I dare to say this..... edited on FCPX just because I wanted my own opinion... Enjoy http://vimeo.com/28086662
  4. I've decided to get the AB mount.
  5. I'm looking into buying the Zypher steadicam, and i'm not quite sure what battery mount to get. The V lock or AB? Which one is better to suit my needs? I shoot on the SR3 and 435 occasionally but mostly 7d/5d RED, and F3 in the future. Which one is more technically advanced and will keep up with technology advances. Thanks
  6. I built my own "stedi cam" Check out these shots with it. I was the Cinematographer for this music video, i did not choose the music or have any affiliation with it, haha. Shot on the 7d it's on the 30 sec mark.
  7. Check out JCX on Harrison St. Also Calumet, 18th and Bryant I think, is a larger store and might have a better selection. There is also Adolf Gassers which is on 2nd and Mission. If your looking for some crew to help out I live in SF and I have experience in Gaffing/Cam Op, etc... PM or Email me.
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