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  1. Hi Matthew, Thanks for viewing. Transfer done mostly at LightPress in Seattle, 1 additional roll at Pro8mm. LightPress do good enough work yes. I'm based in the UK so it was a leap of faith sending it to the US but worthwhile I think. Cheers, Ash.
  2. Hi Cinematography.com people... I've just released a director-cinematographer 1st promo, shot with no budget other than stock, developing and telecine and would love some feedback if you had a few minutes. The idea was to create a mood and tone rather than a certain narrative. https://vimeo.com/54611682 H.Grimace "Lands of Gold and Green" With kind thanks, Ash (Ashley Michael Briggs).
  3. Hi Rafael and Pav and other's that have read this. So the situation is; Shot 7x Kodak Vision3 200T and 2x Trix super8 rolls. I've kept notes but that offer's no help really here - all films need to be processed. I expect I've shot at a ration of 1:5, thus getting a top dollar transfer of the whole lot might not be financially effective. I've also done the major naughty and shot on an untested camera, having only limited super8 experience several years back - but I'm confident everything and me was working ok. In an ideal world I'd pop into London and get them processed by a tru
  4. Hello, My first post. Hopefully it's a decent one.... Looking to shoot 2x 8mm shorts next week. Got hold of a Canon 814XLS and off to Spain to shoot. Just working out the finance, and thus am looking into my workflow. Does this sound reasonable: Shoot film Process film with a cheap, domestic SD telecine. (I'm in the UK) Cut the footage 24fps off-line in FCP until my heart is content. Hand splice the rushes as per the master off-line (with respect to obvious restrictions to 'cuts' only etc, and possibly not perfectly frame accurate) into 1 master movie. Telecine this master
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