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  1. Thanks for your advice guys, makes sense to just bring a notebook and work from there as and when I see a need to. Cheers!
  2. That's awesome! I was playing with one at Panavision London last week, and loved it, such a great little 16mm cam.
  3. I was just wondering what kit you would recommend buying whilst looking for jobs as a camera trainee? I am finishing my last year of University and have had on set running experience and an internship at Panavision London, so realistically need to get some more experience under the supervision of a focus puller. I was trained at Panavision to load 35mm and 16mm as well as set up all of their cams including the Alexa and Red, however, I am not sure what I would need to bring on set as a trainee to stay useful to the other members of the camera department. Any advice on what kit I should be thinking of investing in? e.g. type of tape, pens, bags, useful things etc... Thanks guys!
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