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  1. Film is one perf or two perf, not Super or Regular. So if you're using a camera that has not been modified to Super 16 or came that way from the manufacture, you will get a 4:3 image.
  2. Ruotsalainen, you transferred those films with a Wolverine?
  3. Yes he did, crazy I missed it as much as I browse there!
  4. You would probably ok with just buying a new battery from the guy in Canada on eBay, but the price of film now from when I started is much more expensive. You have one of the best, most servicable cameras, just invest a bit more and you'll be good to go for awhile.
  5. Dead battery. Get in touch with Bernie at Super 16 Inc, or Duall. Google is your friend.
  6. Buy one off ebay with charger from the guy in Canada. With the costs of film now I would just send your camera for service anyway, its 100% worth it and Beaulieu's are the most serviceable.
  7. Looking forward to it! Mine expired late 80's as well.
  8. Nope! Differences in prisms between the two. Won't cover 16mm either.
  9. Glenn Brady was kind enough to send me a photo of this rare beast the Schneider 6-180mm Variogon for the Beaulieu 6/7/9008 series of cameras. I've included part of Glenn's email below about contacting Schneider about his particular lens. In March 2017 I contacted Schneider in Germany to learn more about the lens and got the following response: "According to the serial number your lens was produced in 1976. Unfortunately, we have no further information." Michael Lehnert, who seems knowledgeable about all things Super 8 generally, wrote of this lens in 2013, ". . . there were only a few prototypes made for the Photokina fair that dubiously found their way into private hands".
  10. Didn't think you were shooting with the lens stopped all the way down! From what you mentioned in you post and looking at the results we though you were shooting at f2.0 in low light, hence the suggestion.
  11. Better would have been buying a fresh roll of 500T, then send it some where for a 'Rank a roll' transfer. But not sure if your camera could even take advantage of that film speed according to how it reads the cartridge.
  12. Nice Randy! What bleach did you use? Also did you scan on a Wolverine? How'd you get the overscan?
  13. Luigi, I booked marked this recently, https://www.instructables.com/id/Develop-Slide-Film-With-C-41-Chemicals-AKA-E-6-/
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