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  1. Hi James, well between you and Nick maybe I'll just have to make a scan! Wouldn't be until this weekend at earliest. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the time to reply Simon, I'm guessing mine is an older conversion, can't say first hand if quality control at Bolex had declined over the years, I have never dealt with them! I know for a fact that my current is offset as the locking current cap doesn't sit completely flush but still does its job. Also never had issues with the image I got. I'll look at my camera and see if I notice any of the other negative points you mentioned. I have an original Reflex I can compare for what its worth.
  3. Could you please elaborate on this Simon? I have a Rex 4 factory converted example, just curious on your thoughts.
  4. I have instruction manual, not sure I've ever seen a service manual. Let me know what you might need to know.
  5. As far as I know that battery pack is made to use with the MST motor, sorry thats all I got!
  6. I saw that JK camera can remove the auto iris of the 16-100 POE making it less bulky, but yes the 2 blade aperture is what kept me away the most from those lenses.
  7. I have both Vario Switar and Berthiot 17-85, not the fastest but very compact!
  8. Anywhere to watch Spike Lee's short besides Insta? Also found only 360p on youtube, can't even watch it at that size.
  9. Its back! https://www.filmshooting.com/forum/index.php
  10. Heck at least a monopod! Easy to carry one of those hiking. Unfortunately for most, shaking hand held footage = Super 8
  11. Set your meter to 1/80 to compensate
  12. I'm a minimum 2k scan kinda guy... Also happy with Cinelab and/or Gamma Ray...
  13. Hey Dom! What's the improvement to the MCR8 from the MR8? I have what seems to be a late MR8 judging by the dark grey paint just like on the MCR8. I think this is the best 8mm camera, almost 16mm like in features, but yes a little fragile compared to Bolex.
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