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  1. Anywhere to watch Spike Lee's short besides Insta? Also found only 360p on youtube, can't even watch it at that size.
  2. Its back! https://www.filmshooting.com/forum/index.php
  3. Heck at least a monopod! Easy to carry one of those hiking. Unfortunately for most, shaking hand held footage = Super 8
  4. Set your meter to 1/80 to compensate
  5. I'm a minimum 2k scan kinda guy... Also happy with Cinelab and/or Gamma Ray...
  6. Hey Dom! What's the improvement to the MCR8 from the MR8? I have what seems to be a late MR8 judging by the dark grey paint just like on the MCR8. I think this is the best 8mm camera, almost 16mm like in features, but yes a little fragile compared to Bolex.
  7. Every P1/P3 has SOM Berthiot Pan Cinor 8-40mm f/1.9 zoom lens, and the P2, SOM Berthiot Pan Cinor 9-30mm f/1.9 zoom lens. The P2 was known to be the cheaper version when sold new.
  8. I bought a huge old Birns and Sawyer changing bag for $25, I put a cardboard box inside to keep the bag held up with the side facing me cutout.
  9. Out of the P series, I don't recommend the 2, 1 & 3 have the better lens
  10. From f3.5 and up should fix any focus issues
  11. Bolex K2 is great, just hard to find a good working example!
  12. Anything above f2.8 to be safe
  13. Looks like a C mount, so yes
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