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  1. I tried building a model in Sketchup, importing it into Photoshop, and then saving it as a 3D .PSD file. I then imported that into After Effects with the "Live Photoshop 3D" option enabled. It worked okay, but the quality was very poor, and it behaved like a 2D layer (couldn't move around it, etc.). After Effects also crashed once while I was working. I tried the same thing with the Blender file. The quality was much better, but I still couldn't figure out how to move around the model. I've also tried saving my Blender file as a .RPF file (I think it was a .rpf- I'm not in front of my computer), and import it directly into After Effects. That didn't really work, either. With all these methods, I can get the model to show up-- just not in 3D. Ryan
  2. As an American Doctor Who fan, I agree that this is a bad idea. Keep it in the UK. When they brought Torchwood to the United States this year, I had to stop watching. It wasn't really Torchwood anymore, and if they bring Doctor Who to the US, I fear that the same thing will happen. Doctor Who should continue to be made as a television show, by the BBC. That's what it's been, and that's what it should continue to be. Ryan
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to composite a 3D model of a spaceship in After Effects via the Photoshop Live Layers method, but it isn't really working that well. I was originally going to build and shoot models against a greenscreen, then composite them into my final shot, but I figured that building it in the computer instead would be easier. Should I just go back to my models idea, or is there an easier way to import into After Effects? I'm using Blender at the moment. I tried Google Sketchup, but the end result (after going through the Photoshop import/export process) was... less than stellar. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Ryan
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