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  1. Perhaps you should have another look. The article is full of disparaging comments about Bloom and contains no criticism of Red at all.
  2. It is a typo - forging = forgiving ;) Shooting film is great - enjoy, but remember to plan what you are doing first and don't be afraid to rehearse before takes - stock costs money!
  3. :rolleyes: I didn't find it eloquent; more a mean spirited and skewed take on events, with hints of character assassination and a refusal to find Red or Redusers at fault in any way. Epic is designed to appeal to the Digital Stills shooters market [DSMC, remember?] with its lighter form factor , stills auto-focus lenses capability, use of standard tripod with quick plate, DSLR style handgrip, etc etc. All of which make the criticisms of Philip Bloom's approach ill-informed. IMO.
  4. That's not what Philip is saying on Twitter. I wonder who is telling the truth?
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