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  1. All useful for writing the story, includes many of the latest blockbusters: A ton of movie story structures at https://www.youtube.com/user/clickokDOTcoDOTuk/videos 2015 Academy Award Winner / Nominees at http://www.kalbashir.com/Oscars-2015-Winner-And-Nominees.html 2014 Academy Award Winner / Nominees at http://www.kalbashir.com/Oscars-2014-Winner-And-Nominees.html All Best Films at http://www.kalbashir1.blogspot.com
  2. I try to avoid Valentines. I told Sarah, Jessica, Joanne and Helen I'm not into that commercial BS.
  3. The news. I watch footage of a gun battle in Iraq and I think of the situations and characters behind that. Stuff like that.
  4. These are the best three: Kal Bashir's 2000+ stage Hero's Journey And Transformation Through A New World / State Joseph Campbell's Hero With A Thousand Faces Christopher Vogler's Writer's Journey Then there's: Blake Snyder's Save The Cat John Truby's Anatomy of a Story Syd Field's Screenplay Robert McKee's Story Aristotle's Poetics for Screenwriters
  5. Each and every Academy Award Winner broken down here: http://www.clickok.co.uk/Screenwriting-Academy-Award-Winners.html Great resource.
  6. Sometimes you can get right through to the office where A-list megastar is sitting. He's right there and listening to his PA take the call. But getting past the very well trained PA is nigh on impossible without a little inside information. In other words, you won't get through but the call from the megastar's child's teacher in school will.
  7. This is really a story structure question (for which I highly recommend Kal Bashir's Hero's Journey). The director should know the underlying function of the scene, but the way it is performed and dialogue can be left to the actor and writers. The director should know that the underlying function has been fulfilled and know how to get it out of the actors if needbe. I wouldn't micro manage the actors, as your question suggests.
  8. Helps to know ALOT. But not everything. Which is why others are employed.
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