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  1. Huw, Haven't gone any further yet, unfortunately - current circumstances mean the idea is on hold for a while. Haven't gathered much more information I can share either, but great to hear that you've got hold of one. Good luck with it. If you are shooting with it and would like an extra pair of hands then give me a shout - I am sometimes in or near London and would be really interested to see the camera in action. Cheers, Adam
  2. 'On the subject of high-speed, those in the UK should look out for the BBC's nice trailer for the 6 Nations rugby which has a 'crash-test' theme' Found this on the web, under 'Watch and Listen' at http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_unio...nal/default.stm. If they take that direct link away it can also be got to through the general 'Open Audio and Video' yellow button. Cheers Adam
  3. Hi All, I'm considering buying a cheap-ish high-speed 16mm camera to shoot some sports action (probably mountain biking initially, maybe surfing sometime in the future). Looking into what some of the top surf shooters use, I've come across Milliken cameras (used by Jack McCoy, Tim McKenna, and by Sonny Miller on 'Riding Giants', for example). I've not found a lot of information on these cameras on the web, and they don't seem to have ever been mentioned in this forum. From what I have read they seem to be mostly US military, lab, or NASA surplus (Millikens went up in Apollo 4). Found the following list of models HERE: D.B. Milliken Co., Arcadia, Cal., USA Milliken KF 12 A 194? high speed camera 16mm Milliken DBM (3) 3C 194? high speed camera 400 fps 16mm Milliken DBM 4, 4A, 44 1954? high speed 64 - 400 fps 16mm Milliken DBM 5AM 1955 camera high speed 128-400 fps 16mm Milliken DBM 5 B 1955? high speed (up to 500 fps) camera 16mm Milliken DBM 5C 1955? high speed camera (64 - 200fps) 16mm Milliken DBM 5D 1955? high speed camera (24 - 500fps) 16mm Milliken DBM 55, KF 12A High Speed (up to 500 f.p.s.) 1955? cameras 16mm The DBM 4 series seems to be 100' capacity, which would probably be what I'd want to keep things compact, and run on 28v DC. I've seen them on sale for as little as $200. The 5C takes a 400' load, and doesn't look too enormous, but the one I've seen on Ebay runs off 115V, and I'm thinking that means mains power (I'm not too hot on electronics though....). If anyone here knows anything about Millikens, I'd be really grateful for thoughts on the following questions (I'm UK-based BTW): Power: Any issues powering a 28V DC motor by battery? Feasible to do so in a sea-surface/underwater situation? Aspect ratio and film stock: There are Millikens out there that have been adapted for Super16. Is this going to cost the earth? Will an unmodified camera take single-perf film? Lenses: will any c-mount lens work with them? Generally: Are they any good? Are they complete dogs to work with? Some seem to have non-reflex viewfinders, while others are just point-and-hope jobs. Thanks very much in advance for any info and guidance. On the subject of high-speed, those in the UK should look out for the BBC's nice trailer for the 6 Nations rugby which has a 'crash-test' theme - it's cool! Cheers, Adam PS. A few of the web-links that I've come across in my trawl: DBM 5C on Ebay UK Millikens for sale from Alan Gordon, LA Filming 'Riding Giants' DBM 3C for sale Millikens in Space
  4. Hi, I saw it this afternoon - enjoyed it very much and thought it looked great. Some of it looked quite soft to me - but I would guess this was a projection issue (?), as even credits and so on looked muzzy (though should admit I was out at a fairly alcoholic Xmas meal last night...). Loved the gloominess and natural feel of the lighting. Particularly loved the light in the courtroom, and the pre-dawn light back at Portia's place in the final scene. When the camera went handheld it felt appropriate and worked really well. Beyond the cinematography, the whole production looked fantastic and Pacino was top notch. And Rab C Nesbitt does a very good English accent :-) Cheers, Adam
  5. Dear Morgan - Thanks very much for the advice. I'll definitely get in touch with the companies directly. Cheers, Adam
  6. Hi, I know there's been extensive discussions here recently about the NFTS - but I'm interested to find out if anyone has experience of one of their short courses, as I am considering signing up for one next week. The course is '16mm/35mm Camera Familiarisation' (4 days), run in association with the GBCT. I've heard good things from others who have attended other non-camera courses there. But I'd be really grateful to hear from anyone who has done this course or similar camera courses at the school. Basically, are they worth the money, and given what I want to get of it, is it worth it for me? As an assistant I've worked almost entirely in wildlife film-making, and have worked a lot with Arri SRs and also with an Arri 3-C (modified to Super 35). I'm keen to expand into drama production (have done some freebie shorts), and hope this course would be a good introduction to Panavision (which I've never dealt with) and newer Arri 35mm cameras, as well as to kit like follow focuses and remote focuses that I have next to no experience of, and perhaps to working practices in drama production. I'm hoping the course will teach me to set up and load a variety of cameras. But if I've got hands-on experience of loading and setting up the cameras I mentioned, will I learn enough beyond this for the course to be worth it? Is it a good thing to have an NFTS course on my CV anyway? And are the courses useful in terms of making industry contacts? Basically, is the course going to improve my chances of landing a loader or trainee position? Many thanks in advance for any info and advice. Cheers, Adam
  7. Woops. I meant to write: 'Obviously it's not just on the sporting field that they punch above their weight.' Cheers, Adam Adam Scott Bristol, UK
  8. Wizards of Oz Hi, These nominations seem to reflect the number of prominent and bloody good cinematographers from Down Under around at the moment - Boyd, Seale and Lesnie are all Ossies. Add in Dion Beebe and Donald McAlpine, and it's a pretty awesome array of talent. Obviously it's just not on the sporting field that they punch above their weight. Cheers Adam
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