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  1. Hi Steve, amazing thank you, useful to know that the precision of the backfocus varies with focal length. Yeah manual aperture is perfect for me would not want it automatic personally! Have checked out some AI-s lenses on ebay, they are looking pretty nice, what are your thoughts on using a range of photography glass on a film project? I would be concerned about the color differences between lenses, which I have read that cines lenses reduce, however I have never actually done my own tests, so unsure of the problem?
  2. Thanks very much for this advice Ruben, really appreciate it, sounds like good news to me! Great tips, will prioritize getting an adapter made by a technician and a lens hood/matte box.
  3. Hi Everyone, I am looking to mount some affordable sharp primes onto an Aaton LTR. The Aaton mount seems to have a limited selection of lenses and I would like to avoid machining in a permanent Arri PL mount. Nikon F adapters sound like a good alternative, and I was thinking of using Rokinon/Samyang cine lenses. Have used them with a sony a7s and thought they were great for their price. Will a Nikon F mount adapter such as the one below allow a modern Nikon F mount lens to be mounted on an Aaton LTR? Adapter example : https://www.ebay.com/itm/STAINLESS-STEEL-NIKON
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