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  1. Thank you everyone for your answers! For the moonlight background, I'll do how you said and how I imagined, so I'll get something big and put it full flood far away. Yeah I don't want to lit the background too much, but just slightly more than the Dark screenshot. As for the recreating the light of the Bill Henson photo, I kept looking and imagined using one ARRI Fresnel 300 for the yellowish cast and one daylight HMI (like the ARRI D5) for the soft blueish light (or maybe another tungsten with CTB depending on budget). In all the takes, I'll use the blueish light as a key and the ye
  2. Thank you for your answer! The bus stop will be in the middle of nowhere, so there will be no road lights. Yes I thought of LCD panels as they are quite convenient and easy to use. What kind of tungsten do you have in mind? I was also wondering about lighting the background (which will be woods too), but I'm not sure about which kind of light to choose as I don't think we'll have enough budget to get big skypanels. So I thought about some kind of light and a big diffusion frame.
  3. Yes, the whole scene takes place at night at this bus stop. At the beginning the characters will be in the bus stop but then they walk a bit, not so far, but the light will need to different as they won't be lit by the bus stop. Concerning the color temperatures mix, yes it is first a pure aesthetic decision as the director and I really like this color palette, and then because the short has an ethereal and dreamy story and we wanted to convey that with a special lighting.
  4. Hello! As a very little experienced cinematographer, I have been hired to work on a very small budget short movie. It will take place in the countryside at a bus stop next to the road during the night. I talked with the director about the look and tone of the lighting and we agreed to go for a specific look. The bus stop will be lit using something like one or two Kino Flo 2 bank located at the top (like this scene from the TV series 'Dark'). For the rest of the shots where the two characters will not be in the bus stop, I want to create the kind of look we can find in the photog
  5. Thank you for you replies. Will Montgomery: For some reasons I can't see your attached photo. I'm considering buying something like this. Does this work? Thank you.
  6. Hi, I wanted to know if there was a way of simply taking single photographs with a Super 8 camera. I have a Canon 814 Auto Zoom and I know there is a way of doing this with the remote control which I don't have. Is there a way to replace it? How can you then for example scan the film frame? Thank you, Guillaume
  7. This film is hilarious, I laugh every time I see it.
  8. Thanks! I shot using auto exposure, so I guess it's ok.
  9. Thank you, so I guess I'm fine. What are the effects of overexposure on reversal stock?
  10. I shot few outdoor scenes. When I inserted the Ektachrome 100D cartridge, the filter switched from the bulb to the the sun. So I shot with this filter : Is it the good one? Thank you!
  11. Thank you for your reply, Mark. So I'll be shooting using the daylight filter, I think the orange can fit the scene pretty well ;) Another thing: another scene takes place in the berm of a mountain road, South facing. I live in the Southeast of France and there will be a lot of sun, so I thought about shooting the scene during the golden hour at the morning to avoid over-exposure. Is that a good idea? Because I don't have a ND filter.
  12. Thank you Matt. I'm going to shoot it at 18fps to get more time per cartridge. I would like to ask another question regarding lighting. I want to shoot an indoor scene of a man talking to the camera behind a table with a very little (25W) incandescent lamp on it, with the sunlight arriving from the right, lighting the character. I made a draft of the scene: So I know we can choose between daylight filter and Tungsten filter for indoor shooting. But since I have these two types of light lighting the scene, I don't really know what kind of filter to choose. Can anybody light me up abou
  13. Thank you for the information. What do by "only meant for the internet or home use"? What are the uses where 18fps can cause problems?
  14. I really love your film, it's very funny actually :P So do you mean fps has no effect on sound sync problem?
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