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  1. Hi All, so I'm doing this 10 Camera reality shoot and I had a question about color labeling. Since there's 10 cameras and I'm trying to avoid to double up on colors so I could send each camera with that specific color along with the usual tape (2" small core photo blk, and a flourecent cloth tape) What other methods of labeling cameras with color tape exist other than vinyl electrical tape? I was thinking doing camera's specific paper tape and doing J-Lar to secure. Thanks everyone for your time!
  2. That looks like it could work for me! Buying!
  3. That diaper bag looks cool. Interested to see this in person. Looks like you can keep things really organized
  4. pure gold. Thanks Kevin for sharing.
  5. So I guess for future searches for someone looking into buying this type of bag for their carts its called a Director's Chair Script bag or Pouch. Found at Studio Depot/ Hollywood Expendables/ Filmtools.
  6. Very close. I'll keep searching. Thanks Phil!
  7. Thanks Aidan! Yeah those CE Harrison Ditty bags are my last resort if I don't get any leads on one posted above or getting one tailored overweights the price of $90.
  8. Seems like there has been some views on this post. So, I'm going to take it as a few people interested in these types of bags. Before I go off and get one made, I would rather just purchase one without having to go through the process of working with a tailor or a pattern maker. Thanks everyone!
  9. So I've been on the search for those ditty bags that goes on the handlebar on the Yaeger carts. Does anyone have any leads? I'm aware of the ditty bag from Camera Essentials. Looking for this style. Thanks in advance!!
  10. I still use my Production CineBag that lives on the cart but for the "Run Bag/ Set Bag", I've been happy with my old Camera Essential Doctor bag. The older version had a center divider and the new one's don't. But with some recycle dividers and velcro, you can make anything work. Recently both D-rings that hold the shoulder strap broke off. So now the strap is held together with carabiners. So I am also in the market for a new set bag; I need something a little deeper and just A LITTLE bit longer. What I normally lives in my CE Doctor bag: 2 Dionics/ND3-2.1/Kimi/Pancros/Finder/Eyebrow/Hoodmans/ backup cables & hardware/ wedges/ and outdoor hard marks. I've been thinking of switching to a medium bucket boss.
  11. If anyone was wondering how the shoot went and how we managed to keep our job... Bag-it camera cover Deflector with rainx
  12. Breakdown: So I just got the details on a job and apparently we are placing the lens inside an active dishwasher. There will be no hole cutout for the lens, full-on splash zone for the camera. With a little research on how it works and some videos on YouTube I understand how much water is distributed. At least 5.8 Gallons of water. Heat drying was not confirmed. We will be using the PhantonFlex 4K @ 1000fps with a spray deflector. Probably going to dress the camera with a make shift shower curtain cover and then the standard rain cover the deflector comes with. Questions: 1. So I was curious how does one clean soapy subs or soapy water on the lens? - I heard from a tech when something other than just water hits the filter they rinse the filter with water and then it goes into its proper cleaning procedures. If this correct: 2. Would you recommend changing the optics between resets? Changing the optics is a bit of a procedure of its own. Has anyone have any issues removing the optics or any thing I should be aware of on the field other than not losing the screws and not messing up the o-ring? 2a. What sort of material can I use to wipe the water from the optics for quicker drying? 3. Working with the deflector, it already has Velcro attachments for its standard raincover from Panivision but I wanted to find out how secure that is and how well that it will hold up with large volume of high pressure water? - what other techniques should I do to properly secure that it doesn't leak through? 4. Depending if we do the heat drying, The deflector does prevent fogging, has anyone experienced heat drying such as what the dishwasher will eject or has anyone experienced fog from that sort of sudden change of temperature while using the deflector? - I was thinking about applying that anti-fog solution. but I don't know how well that will help, if need it. Thanks everyone who took the time to read this long post and for sharing your thoughts on this set up. Much appreciated everyone!!
  13. Thanks everyone for the input. I know it was stupid to ask but I just needed to ask.
  14. I thought this was a silly conversation but I'm sure its all different strokes for different folks. But during a conversation my buddy mentioned that he doesn't understand why one needs to remove the lens during transpo. I told him, during my years of camera assisting, there's so much that can happen. He laughs and says, the operator would put it through more damage then it sitting in a coffin that's padded. I thought, well this is just silly, just remove the lens. simple and safe. I mean as an AC, it would be negligence if anything is to happen during transpo. He's a Gaffer who occasionally operates. I mentioned to only list a few that could possibly go wrong and he still doesn't agree that its necessary if you're careful. Long story short, how would you respond to someone who is so key that it's the same thing having the camera in a coffin and on an Operator's shoulder (during its rough moves)? Hopefully that makes sense. I'm obviously posting to hear the many reasons to better my argument. I'm still going to continue to remove the lens.
  15. Haha. The "how not to" was great and just funny to watch and I thought the video is a great start but missing SO MANY important points. I really do appreciate the effort on producing a "How to" video but they should had made it more thorough and precise.
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