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  1. BUMP Price reduced to 200US$ + shipping or pick up (Montréal, Canada)
  2. BUMP Price reduced to 250US$ + shipping or pick up (Montréal, Canada)
  3. Charger Anton Bauer Twin Simultaneous Good condition 200$US OBO + shipping or pick up (Montréal, Canada)
  4. Clip On Arri LMB-3 4x4 1 x Arri LMB-3 - KK2.44471.0 2 x Arri Filter Frame 4x4 - K4.43397.0 1 x Arri Adapter Ring 80mm - K5.21723.0 Good condition 325$US + shipping or pick up (Montréal, Canada)
  5. Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. It’s hard to get clean photos of glass. Schneider 4x4 - Tru-Pola Tiffen 4x4 - Stars 4 points 2mm Tiffen 4x4 - ND03 Tiffen 4x4 - ND06 Tiffen 4x4 - ND09 Tiffen 4x4 - Pro-Mist 1/8 Tiffen 4x4 - Pro-Mist 1/4 Tiffen 4x4 - Pro-Mist 1/2 Tiffen 4x4 - Pro-Mist 1 Tiffen 4x4 - Pro-Mist 2 Good condition 100$US each or 750$US for the lot OBO + shipping or pick up (Montréal, Canada) GOOGLE DRIVE
  6. Monitor TVLogic 058W Good condition The shortcut F2 doesn't work The monitor came back from TVLOGIC California, checked, inspected, calibrated and firmware updated Comes with: + Protective screen + Sony plate with lemo cable for Teradek + Canon Plate + Original box + Wall power adapter + Sun Hood 650$US OBO + shipping or pick up (Montréal, Canada) GOOGLE DRIVE
  7. Thank you Chris for the answer. I'm thinking test one and buy if it works great. Can you confirm we can choose different resolutions and ratio for each camera. For exemple : Red Helium - Resolution 6K - Ratio 1,85 Or Alexa Mini - Resolution 2K - Ratio 1,85 or 1,66 Because just the sensor it's not enough for being a good versatil tool. Thank you, Kevin
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