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  1. Thank you Chris for the answer. I'm thinking test one and buy if it works great. Can you confirm we can choose different resolutions and ratio for each camera. For exemple : Red Helium - Resolution 6K - Ratio 1,85 Or Alexa Mini - Resolution 2K - Ratio 1,85 or 1,66 Because just the sensor it's not enough for being a good versatil tool. Thank you, Kevin
  2. Hello, Has anyone used the Sigma FP as a director finder? Here an article : https://www.fdtimes.com/2019/10/20/sigma-fp-as-directors-viewfinder/ I'm trying to find out if it's really useful and versatile. Thank you
  3. Hello Wanner, You can ask to Jean Louis Seguin here : bolextech@gmail.com He's based in Montréal and he's specialized with Bolex and Beaulieu camera. Kevin
  4. Hello, I'm looking for 2 x Bracket Heden HEM02 with 15mm inserts. If you have any, DM, please. I'm based in Montréal. Thank you and take care!! Kévin Gourvellec
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a solution to power my TV-Logic 058 with Gold battery and get a spacer for put my Teardek. I know Bebob doing something but it's very expensive and Mediablackout offer somtehing similar... Hawk Woods in England have something interesting but just in V-Mount.... What's your TV-Logic setup? I'm bored to change Sony battery every hour... THX
  6. Hi, I'm looking to buy this accessories (used) for complet my FF4 kit : - ARRI BA-3 FF-4 Adapter for Bridge Plate (15mm Studio Rods) - K2.47500.0 - ARRI Short Flexible Shaft for Follow Focus (12") - K2.34100.0 All used, Thank you Kevin
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