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  1. That is one of the funniest films I have ever seen, and I saw it when I was 7, and I still find it one of the funniest films I have ever seen! :D
  2. "irregular performance adds a bit of chance to the results — which, for a certain kind of person, one who's deliberately rejecting the clean digital image, is almost the point of shooting film." I could add to that but not improve upon it. I spent years trying to figure out how to make vhs interesting, I couldn't - digital is even worse, only photographic emulsion is subtle enough to be a creative photo medium in its own right. But toy cameras are toy cameras - my cine cameras (some of them) have lenses to die for and I need film for them, bottom line. Kodak should solve its motion
  3. Why is it so difficult to speak to Kodak, why is this company shrouded in mystery please? Thanks, Ric
  4. Thanks Jean-Louis, I guess I am getting quite good at spotting this awful stuff - but I wish I hadn't :-( That would have been the lens of my dreams. It has other issues too - the reflex viewer is 30% opaque, impossible to see what is causing this, more fungus? Grime? I don't know. I'm begining to think this lens is a lemon since it was sold as being in good condition. To clean up this baby would probably cost some and , as you say, the optics would be affected by the cleaning. Ric
  5. Hi, I have a lens with some suspicious marks on the probably inner & rear optic/s http://i1295.photobu...zpse42ce5d3.jpg Any comments please? Thanks, Ric
  6. It is a crazy world: boy, if I had a product like 100D that folks were knocking themselves out for, would I discontinue it? No sirreeee!!! It is a mad, mad, mad world all right! http://youtu.be/lZ9N7oCKC1E
  7. DV I use. Computers I use & like, when they don't crash (all the time). Holography I find interesting. There was a burst of activity several decades ago then nothing - nothing that I am aware of that is. But photographic emulsion is still the thing for me, it is subtle, it is unpredictable, it is ART :)
  8. Thanks Richard, If what you say is true though, and I am sure it is - then Kodak have no intrinsic reason not to offer a limited amount of colour reversal film to loyal, dedicated Kodak film users once a year - one batch per year - they know it would sell like hot cakes so what's the problem? There were still pro film projects being shot on 16mm Ektachrome on the very eve of its discontinuance. Their decision is ridiculous, I think this is a concscious move to kill off film in favour of digital video. “Definitely, celluloid still offers subtleties that digital can't" ~ which is &
  9. Gosh, have we no fly on the wall at Kodak - yes - what is going on at Eastman Rochester? I have nightmare visions of Ektachrome technology being skipped in bulk to make way for state-of-the-art VDU monitors which will be sota for about 9 months until the next new thing is unveiled, and so forth. Cannot believe there are no small concerns out there interested in bidding on Kodak's Ektachrome program - could a consortium not be convened, look at all the labs in the USA, would it not be in their interest to keep reversal top side up: they'd be in Ektachrome Heaven, overseeing production and d
  10. Well, as long as Foma don't go belly up, there's life in b/w reversal yet. Who else makes 8 or 16mm b/w reversal please? Thanks, Ric
  11. Please also post here http://forum.filmshooting.com/ which will reach a lot of like-minded good people. You seem to have a good handle on the situation. Still can't quite believe what Kodak have done with 100D - it seems like nothing short of sacriledge to me. Surely Kodak aren't going to skip all the Ektachrome technology, they just have to pass it on? Similar to Fuji Velvia being packaged by Cinevia maybe? Ric
  12. This is very sad & also ironic - the music business rediscovered Super8 & a lot of bands opted for Super8 telecine videos to promote their music - looks like that may also go to the wall then? I find it hard to believe that Kodak have axed reversal colour film & yet will guarantee negative film into the future. I certainly can't afford telecine anyway & am basically indifferent to anything that separates filmmaker from raw film. Fingers crossed for Tri-X though. Ric
  13. Thanks David, Oh well - it was only 15 feet - should be fun however it comes out :) Ric
  14. I think we need some clued-in dudes to take over where Ektachrome left off - someone - anyone! please!!
  15. Thanks guys. I got very confused - am in the middle of trialling Regular 8 & 16mm. Big mistake. I set the K-3 to 25fps which is correct for my 16mm B&H TQIII, runs at 25fps (capture cam runs at 1/50th). Then I had a brain storm and re-set the K-3 to 16&3/4fps - which is the speed I use for Regular 8: so gosh knows what the result will be :-o anyway, the aperture was between F22-F16 all the time so I couldn't have pushed it beyond that anyway. When you say pulling a stop you mean let it cook less in the developer? Thanks, Ric
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