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  1. Interesting. I've heard that there's a big resistance to scorpio in the US. Here, they're very popular. Why do you think that is?
  2. Hi Greg. Im curious about the gear you used on this show. I think I noticed a Bartech being used by the focus puller at 5:00? What remote focus were you using at the time? And what are you pulling on these days? also, how do you split up your time pulling remotely vs. off of the barrel? which do you prefer? Thanks
  3. Has anybody got any experience with this new fiz unit? http://www.rtmotion.com/ I've got a 3D show coming up and they want to use this in a dual receiver configuration. Im used to the Preston 3 and Im uncertain of its reliability. But I noticed the receiver is only 90 grams! and the price tag for a 3 motor setup is only 10k! that seems insane to me. Anyway, if it works out I would seriously consider purchasing one. thanks
  4. Hey Rob. One of my first bags was an Arri production bag and from experience using it I have to strongly warn you away from it. it literally came apart at the seams. The zippers are difficult to close now, its no longer waterproof. ‚ÄčIf you want my advice, pay the extortionately large shipping fee for the modular 51 bag. Seriously. They make them at a place called Fikenca which is located in vancouver where I work. And this is THE bag of all camera assistants. They'll custom make any size or configuration you want. and it WILL last forever. In fact my very first bag was one that had already been passed down from two different focus pullers.
  5. but I must say, if you ARE looking for a good work belt, check out fikenca. They're here in vancouver, but they'll ship anywhere. Every assistant in vancouver uses their gear. They also supply modular51 with their bags and belts.
  6. I don't wear belt either. The only things I need these days are a couple different pens in my pocket, walkie clipped to my jeans, and a small folding knife in my back pocket. Anything else that I need is always close by and I have a very good 2nd.
  7. Hey guys. I am a 1st AC in Vancouver BC, and I already own a Bartech. But recently I've been finding that the performance of the analog motor is not adequate to my needs now. And the lack of a 2nd or 3rd channel can be a hinderance. I would like to step up to either a preston fiz or scorpio unit, but don't really want to buy new. Is there a buy/sell somewhere online for focus pullers? ebay and craigslist are virtually empty of such items. Thanks
  8. YEs, I agree. The general motto is: stay away from red rock micro. You really should get a digital bartech system. There are a couple people up here in vancouver who sell complete units. Check out: David Hable - http://www.crampedattic.com/ he sells al the stuff you would need. or buy directly from Jim Bartell who designed it. He's now stocking the f-stop wireless digital receiver, which is awesome http://www.bartechengineering.com/ I believe f-stop wireless was built by marc alfonso, another vancouverite. you can also buy from him directly http://plcelectronicsolutions.com/ hope that helps
  9. This isn't usually a big deal for me because 99% of the time I will be pulling focus remotely. So if the case ever arose where the lenses were going the wrong way I would just reverse the direction of the motor. Problem solved. But in the few times that I've had to pull off of the old meat-fiz, I just take a couple practice pulls to wrap my head around the change and then I'm good to go.
  10. Name one thing that you can't live without in your assistants bag. Whether you are a 1st, 2nd or a trainee, what have you found to be most helpful in your experience. bonus points for unique, or interesting items.
  11. This. Also, on arri matteboxes, the geared filter trays only accept the tray in a face-forward position. So might aswell put all the trays in that way.
  12. This stuff looks a lot like the pouches and bags that are coming from Fikenca. (www.fikenca.com) Fikenca is also located near vancouver and literally every camera assistant uses these bags. If its the same stuff then this is where you need to get your gear. Their bags are the best out there. The fikenca bags are handmade in the basement of the owner's house, and they never keep any stock. They just make the bags one order at a time, which is why it takes 4-6 weeks to receive your order. but it's totally worth it. They're not a real retail store so they are hard to find out about and get a hold of. Most AC's are introduced to them via word-of-mouth. Right now they're working on a large AKS ditty bag in red for me. I'll post pictures when I receive it.
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