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  1. Hi there, I'm a filmmaker looking to lens a short film within the next few months, and I'm on a mission - to find a gifted cinematographer who's experienced with working on 35mm celluloid. Where would be the right venues to come across a talented individual like this who understands the finer points of working with actual film as opposed to a digital toolkit? I have the script for my project, entitled "Kiefer + Gianna," attached to this message. It's a love story that takes place on a Santa Barbara County vineyard, exploring how passion can grow as one's knowledge of wine grows deeper.
  2. Hi there, I'm Jeff -- a newcomer to Santa Barbara, greatly anticipating the upcoming SBIFF festival here shortly! I would love the opportunity to meet and interact with any cinematographers, editors, sound techs, and other film pros in the SB area. It might be cool to go see a film together, or at the very least spend some time talking about cinema in one of California's nicest towns. Please feel free to email me at jn8906@alumni.stanford.edu, or call/text 805.452.0852. It'd be great to hear from you! Have a great day, Jeff jeffnormanfilms.com
  3. Hello! I appreciate your reply. However, this is not discrimination. Female DP's out outnumbered and underrepresented by a disturbingly large margin compared to their male counterparts. So if I intentionally move to seek out a female head of crew, there should be support for that gesture, not derision. Thanks.
  4. Looking to partner with an excellent cinematographer, ideally a talented female DP, to work with on shooting my short student film (one-day shoot). Ideally will have lights and a full set of lenses for work. Will be interviewing DP's for a shoot to take place in early February in NYC. Please reply with your website, your IMDb page, and your favorite filmmaker.
  5. Hello Cinematography.com -- LOVE this community, and so much of the advice I gleaned from users here has helped me shoot AND finish my first short feature film, "Bobo Noir" (vimeo.com/bobonoir) -- thanks, guys! We are literally at the finish line and only have the sound mix left to complete. Unfortunately, our sound mixer suffered a serious illness and is not able to wrap his work on the project. The project is due to premiere VERY soon, and we were supposed to have the mix completed tomorrow night. The work left to do is exceptionally easy. All that needs to be done is a few hours
  6. Hello! I'm a HUGE fan of Cinematography.com and a first-time filmmaker, looking for people who wouldn't mind watching a rough cut of my upcoming project. I was the first-time filmmaker preparing to shoot his first-ever film project, called "Bobo Noir." And I had demonstrated some anxiety about if and how it would all happen. "Bobo Noir" is meant to be a short feature film (between 45-60 min.). It will also not be going the festival route, but instead will be distributed online for free. You can check out the project at www.facebook.com/bobonoirhollywood, and on Instagram at ins
  7. The good news: I'm well on my way to getting my first-ever production off the ground. Great script. Great cast. Great DP and 1st AC in place. (Still need sound recordist though, but that's a separate thread.) And a budget of $6,000 including post secured. The bad news: I have absolutely no idea how the HELL to find locations for this project in time before we HAVE TO start shooting this May. AAAAHHH! What's my "first-ever production" about you ask? Here it is: Bobo Noir (French for "spoiled Parisian brat") is a pastry arts dropout with a heart of gold (or opal, his birthstone). Hi
  8. Simple question: For the very first short film that you're planning on directing / producing, what should you concentrate on in order to be successful? I didn't go to film school. But I'm a huge fan of Truffaut, Kubrick, Cassavetes, and other biggies. Suffice it to say there is NO WAY in hell that my first film project will hold anything like a candle to their own first real stabs in cinema. And to be honest, filmmaking is (I'm sure you'll think it dumb of me to say but it ought to be said, for the newbies out there) EXTRAORDINARILY complex. Colour grading. Pulling focus. L-Cut.
  9. Thank you Brian! In lieu of tracking down a vintage lens, I may end up just more deeply researching the makes of lenses you specified, brands which I think might help to achieve a particular look without having to necessarily break the bank.
  10. I'm gearing up to begin prepro on my upcoming short film, utilizing a DLSR -- most likely a Canon 550D, but it's not yet in stone. I've created threads in the past that addressed how much I hated being forced to choose digital over film, but time and financial constraints demanded the choice. I'm ultimately content with the DSLR option at this point, except for one particular pet peeve -- Why is it that virtually every DSLR project these days strikes the same visual look? Something about film forced a distinctiveness from filmmakers of old. You can tell a Truffaut picture from a Ca
  11. Straight to the point: Where / how should I pinpoint a great DP for a first-time filmmaker's project? I'm a first-time filmmaker who is finally setting out to direct and produce his first narrative short film. In terms of storytelling, I've been in preparation since fall 2011 -- creating a compelling script, regularly feeding on my cinematic inspiration (the Nouvelle Vague films of 1959-1967), and honing the visual aesthetic of this story. 2013's first month is about to wrap, and I'm anxious to move into the next phase of this journey, assembling a cast and crew to realize this story
  12. I have been a fanatic about film for years, in particular La Nouvelle Vague (Truffaut, Resnais, etc.) Yet tonight marked my first viewing of the film that arguably instigated the entire movement, A bout de souffle, or Breathless. The title says it all -- discussing the absolute gorgeousness of aesthetic and meaning in this film depletes my oxygen supply and gets me all choked up. I'm a relatively new filmmaker who's just entered a long line of New Wave admirers; I can make out Tarantino and Scorsese's silhouettes at the top of the queue. Though loving this cinematic movement isn't new, it
  13. Thank goodness for Chris Burke -- you might just be the answer to our prayers! Finally, someone who takes us seriously in our mission to create high-class, web-broadcast productions via film. I cannot tell you how many people have completely killed the idea in the various forums we've enlisted for expert information. We just saw your project and were extremely impressed. The Super 16 looked extraordinary and vintage. And best of all -- it was actually funny! It's reassuring to us that comedic material can work well on film, when in good hands, as it did for you here. Another virtue: t
  14. THANK YOU for your response and for this 100% absolutely essential step! Any recommendations on finding a film-experienced DP (in Los Angeles) that might be willing to collaborate with us for low-cost or for free? We were thinking of targeting the film schools throughout the city, using Craigslist, even using this one excellent website I know -- cinematography.com :)
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