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  1. Further more. It is very heartening to see young filmmakers embracing film(celluloid) like in the afore mentioned Safdie Brothers films and The Lighthouse.
  2. There is an overall narrative of the "kid" and the bounty on it's head. you are correct about the 30 minutes not being enough. Given how much they are spending, you would think there would be more. I also think they won't resolve anything in the given time left this season. Watch how Disney plus enrollment drops off a cliff come the new year.
  3. . I am intrigued that Adam Sandler is doing a "straight" role rather than his usual schtick. I haven't seen it yet, but did see the trailer and not surprised at all that 35mm was used since the Safdie brothers made it. Good Time looks similar and was as wonderful film, shot in 2 perf.
  4. But with all that money spent per episode, they still felt they couldn't trust a wonderful puppet and the puppeteer/s. So they did a CGI "kid" just in case. A big thanks to Herzog for standing up for the working man or woman by voicing his displeasure. I am a fan of the show, but will dump Disney + when this first season concludes in a couple of weeks. Way to small of a catalogue to stay with them.
  5. Check out Jordorowski's Dune. A great doc about what could have been. In it, he is rather critical of David Lynch's Dune, as am I. Perhaps this is the time for Dune.
  6. Just a side note: The IMDB technical specs I have found to sometimes be inaccurate. Not that it has to do anything with your question about a film out, but you can not take what they list on the website as fact.
  7. I recommend the F3 to anyone considering it. The footage looks great!
  8. What condition is the camera in after the mod? Does he have to crack it open? I just dropped the dime on a Gemini REcorder thinking if there was a way to do just what you have spoken of. Have you used one of his mods? What happens to the menus??
  9. Jarin, did you find processing the Tri-X as a negative increased exposure latitude at all? I have some and have often thought about the cross process. I have to say that the lighthouse is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. You certainly deserve an oscar as does the cast. The film has inspired myself and some friends to keep shooting film, especially black and white. I have a few rolls of 7265 Plus-X and 7231 Plus X that I was saving and now have found a reason to use them. Thank you!
  10. there is no problem shooting the modern stocks. If the camera is functioning properly, quite probably NOT, the only thing that will happen is that the stock will be overexposed, which is a good thing. Modern stocks have huge exposure latitude, so don't worry. Coming from a photography background, you already know all the basics. Get a good spot meter. Get a 85 filter to use in front of the lens for the tungsten stock outdoors. Make sure the internal 85 is always disengaged. it is over 40 years old, so probably not in that great shape. The super8wiki site says that it has auto exposure. It has a 225º shutter, so it will be 1/38th at 24fps. If it is only auto exposure, the only thing that you have control over is the film stock. So 50D outdoors sunny, 200t indoor well lit, outdoor cloudy, 500t low light, evening. But what are your expectations? I have shot the 500T on a cloudy day outdoors with no worries. The Sankyo 255XL I shot with metered it as 160 ISO. With an 85 up front, that is one stop over and it looked great!
  11. Their film stock is really cool but really expensive. I was able to get some test footage very close in look to the Lomochrome Purple. Granted they have some still film stocks that are truly unique, but you can get the same look via Photoshop, Resolve or the like. Is this new one that unique? I support them as much as my wallet allows. Digital still bores the heck out of me. It just seems that you can do the same thing cheaper on your own.
  12. Kodak stocks are made to intercut very well. 250D in full daylight is going to be low grain. 50D in full daylight will be grainless and very sharp. The colors contrast and overall look will be very similar between the two.
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