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  1. Great point and well said Frank. I completely agree. A compramise may be the Tangent Ripple. I have never used one, but the cost and size may be a perfect fit for a advanced home user.
  2. Was the lens re-centered? I ask because I used to own a S16 K3 that was re-centered and at 17mm, no vignetting. That zoom lens isn't so bad.
  3. what resolution did you scan at? I watched it on my 43 inch TCK UHD panel and it looks great. Definitely grainy and it was a 1080 video being scaled, but looked good. Is there a 4k version out there? I would be curious to see a 4k Youtube or Vimeo version of s16 from the same scanner.
  4. Samsara is considered the sequel to Baraka. Both are great. I have seen them both in 70mm and digital many times. Two of my all time favorites!
  5. I did watch it in two sessions only because I was interrupted. I easily could have finished in one go.
  6. Maybe it's not your cup of tea, but all in all, he has a hit. It is worth it to watch even for research sake. I cared about the heroes stories, not so much the about villains. Everyone's concern about aspect ratio and length didn't really matter. You forget about those thingst pretty quick. I was engaged throughout. Of course the chapters help. Streaming is a great venue for it. Too bad there won't be a sequel.
  7. I use Nikkor AI-S lenses all the time via an Nikon F to Aaton adapter. All the lenses work flawlessly with no issues. I have never noticed any "ghosting", but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. With some modern Nikon lenses, the fit is very tight.
  8. Or 3 perf. All three choices will work. With 4 perf and 3 perf you are using the exact same image area. With 2 perf it is a little smaller for 2.35.
  9. What is your budget?? There are many options available. Here is one https://www.moviestuff.tv/moviestuff_universal_mark_ii_series.html
  10. Hi, I have recently read online that if I do not have identical GPUs in my Mac Pro 5.1, Davinci Resolve will only use the lesser of the two. I currently have a 8GB Radeon RX 580 for resolve and a NVidia GTX 640 4gb for my gui. Within my preferences, the GTX 640 says GUI only. Despite this, people have stated online that GUI only selected does not matter. My Radeon is not flashed, but I will pull the GTX and go it alone with the Radeon if it will be a boost in performance. Does anybody have a definitive answer?
  11. The film cartridge that you will use is a one time use cartridge only. As is all film. You send the film to a lab to be processed and scanned. They will send you the film back and a HDD/SSD or USB stick with your footage in a video or data format of your choosing. Some labs also will post the scanned files to a cloud for you to download via the internet.
  12. I think the issue lyes with the SSD's. I ended up reformatting them on my laptop. MacBook Pro, as FAT 32 and then insert them into the Gemini. It then in turn wants to reformat, which I allow and all is good. The problem has happened twice. The footage that it shoots when it starts to wild record, is all there and can be recovered if you don't reformat. The problem is more of a nuisance but I would welcome any other feedback if anyone else has experienced this.
  13. Yes, Resolve can. You can scale the image so it fills the frame. People may also put the footage through a Teranex. I have found that uncompressed 2k or 3k footage can upscale very nicely.
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