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  1. Great work! Bummer about the cart. It does happen. I have had better luck using the Kodak branded carts.
  2. Hunts Photo and Video, at least the one in Melrose, carries 100 foot daylight spools of 16mm.
  3. This is true, however it is very easy and cheap to build a system that plays back 2k DPX in real time for finishing. UHD or 4k DCI is MUCH more demanding, but HD or 2k is no biggie.
  4. I sent the payment. If there are any other charges, let me know so I can pay those. Thanks again

  5. Yes they do. Some may change at longer foical length, but none come to mind. Have you been to www.super8wiki.com ? Check it out for specs on pretty much every super 8 camera ever made. Including the Logmar and new Kodak camera. I believe your cameras are a constant aperture throughout the entire zoom range. Wide open zoomed all the way out looks great. a lot like 16mm
  6. On Netflix, check out The Other Side of The Wind and then the companion resurrection documentary, They'll love me When I am Dead, for a great night/car/rain/sex scene. Gary Graver shot it poor man style with great results. The scene was shot over several years in different countries. You would never know. The doc has lots of behind the scenes stuff and shows Orson Welles brilliance in crafting the scene. Very low tech. Garden hoses, PA's moving lights, completely convincing.
  7. My Gemini 444 recorder is hooked up to my Sony F3. A few days ago, all of a sudden when I wanted to shoot something, I turn it on and it immediately started to record. I couldn't it to stop by any other method other than unplugging the power. No choice. When I go to restart it, on all of my SSDs, it does the same thing, starts to record and can not be stopped. I updated the firmware and then the SSD firmware, but each time I finish the update, it want to do it over and over and over again, until I decided to cancel. That is with one SSD, the other two since updating firmware of the recorder itself, keep recording automatically without being able to stop it other than unplugging power. It doesn't even ask to update SSD firmware. This is all of a sudden.It was working fine a few days ago, the only change is that I reversed the direction of the HD-SDI cable.(does that matter?) Then the trouble started. So I swapped out cables and I still have the problems. I hooked the cables up to a different kind of recorder, Samurai Blade and they work fine. I am not sure what to do. Should I get brand new cables or is there something I can do to the SSDs?..........
  8. Cool Super 8!! I am looking forward to seeing the final edit with sound.
  9. Chris Burke


    They should do a 70mm drive-in screenings. If there is such a thing
  10. Why do you want to underexpose? I am assuming that you are shooting color negative?? Correct? It can handle lots of overexposure, which is what you will get if you meter for the shade, the highlights will be overexposed. But there are many variables that you should consider. How do you want the scene to look is one of the biggest things to think about. Do you want nothing too bright in the scene? You can go a few stops under to protect highlights, but that isn't needed that much compared to digital or reversal. I find that film often clips in a very pleasing way. Not always and not for everyone, but it looks quite good overexposed. Vision 3 film stock can handle many stops over, someone else will have to chime in as to how many.
  11. So what if it is 8 bit out if HDMI, they said that they were having trouble getting an image with Ninja Assasin. That combo should work, despite bit depth. 10 bit is great, I shoot it almost exclusively, but it is not necessary all the time. Sometimes you can't tell the difference. What gotchas? You have to record 10 bit over HD-SDI, so what? Other than that non issue, what are some of the many hidden costs you mention? What cost are present here that are not inherent in any camera ownership? Never heard of a Panasonic G85 so I can not comment, but first gen or 0G blackmagic pocket camera??? In terms of image quality, F3 hands down. No FPN, better low light images, S35 sensor, more lens choices. Reliability? F3 again by a long shot. Firs gen Blackmagic are notoriously unreliable. Known to fail in the field when you need them most. If you buy one, buy three, you'll need them. Where as with most any Sony camera, they are tanks, will work all day long without fail. Battery life? Again the Sony F3. There are several battery choices, but the native batteries work great and last a long time. Not so with Blackmagic. AVOID first generation Blackmagic Cameras, especially the pocket camera.
  12. Any HD video recorder or deck with HD-SDI input or HDMI input will do. Not sure what trouble you are having with the ninja assasin. I have used a NInja Star and Samurai Blade on the F3 with great results. I now have a Gemini 444 recorder and couldn't be happier. I rate the F3 quite high. Now quite cheap. It can be a bit noisy in low light at 6400iso, but the noise is random not fixed pattern like you will get with early Blackmagic models. I would steer clear of first generation blackmagic models on the whole.
  13. that is most likely because that age group is the most social and are not heeding the warnings they are given. Look at New Orleans now since Mardi Gras. As soon as last week, several bars in Boston were jammed packed, according to the news. Lots of ignorant/selfish people out there.
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