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  1. If it's any help, I used 200 ASA as a reference for my old PD150. I got the value from a subject posted on the Video forum, using 18% gray cards.
  2. I'm a documentary producer by trade, but have been asked to produce a short piece (6 minutes) featuring a local storyteller talking about Shetland Trowies (Trolls or Faery Folk). I want to introduce a sense of magic and unreality into what is, in reality, a guy telling a story in front of an open fire in a cottage. The piece is for a DVD which will be shown locally, mostly on home TV's laptops etc, although there will be one large screen showing. The location will be in a 15 foot by 15 foot, barish, white-walled room with a real open fire. Ther's not too much power available, probably 6KW max. I will be shooting in Sony DVCAM 16:9, but the reason I'm posting this is to garner any ideas on how to create this type of atmosphere with very few resources. One idea I had was to have a matte black background drap, very subtly lit with coloured uplights/spots and have a few pictures slight hung askew, again spotlighted. I would like to have the refelction of the open fire flickering subtly in the story teller's face. Can I use a gold reflector off a redhead and have one of the crew "Jiggle" it about to create the effect? Any other ideas? It's a lovely little job far removed from my usual work and I'd like to do a decent job for the client.
  3. That's one of the most aposite and concise statements I've read about the subject - the Zen of lighting. Wonderful topic by the way - stimulating stuff
  4. Hi Justin, I'm a lowly documentary producer with cinematic animations - aren't we all? Anyway I watched your film twice, first time as a punter would, just reading the story, as it were. And it worked for me - enough to post my thought on this forum - you managed to overcome the obvious difficulties of the shoot withoutcompromising the storyline. Loved the actor - he definitely knew what he was doing, and your use of audio worked. In a funny kind of way the light conditions over the 2 day shoot almost added to the wartime feel of the B&W. On 2nd (Critics hat) vewing, my only real beef would be in the detail. The soldier had beautifully polished boots, that kind of thing. Cutaways were a bit jerky, but didn't spoil the continuity of the story - well done mate and good luck
  5. Good morning from windswept Shetland Islands. Just returned from 2 month film and sail trip on the subject of climate change round the North Atlantic. To find out that the herd is being culled. PLease don't do it. I need to be a part of something....
  6. If I were you I would, as a first step, write to the airport director, explaining your project, the fact that you are a student with no funds etc. With a bit of luck he/she will take you under his/her wing...'scuse the pun ;-)
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