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  1. as far as I am concerned ,once you know the language of movies, it's just your creativity stopping you
  2. really ? because i thought the opposite ! I mean there are a couple of scenes where I don't know what it was but it was like watching a telenovela ( hope you understand). As francisco said a $150000000 movie for TV !
  3. hey guys i just want to open this discussion to see what you think. I went yesterday to watch the hobbit in IMAX 3D and was very disappointed. First because of the director's choice of depicting certain characters the way they did ( example: Radagast) Second because the film looked horrible to me. It looked WAY too real ! with all the 3D and digital stuff i thought that that was a joke ! come on ! it didn't have an "EPIC" look at all. I don't know too much abut the process they used to film it, but i don't really like the output. what do you guys think ?
  4. looks good man ! i like the first shot a lot !!! the handheld and the color for the outside are very good,really reflect the harsh situation !!!!
  5. sorry david do that right now thx thx arturo and victor for the tips !
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Lorenzo nice to meet you all. This is my first post in the forum but I have been following discussions for a while. I just wanna ask you guys some tips to gain experience as a DP. Cause i did an introductory course on filmmaking, and I want to go ahead and built my craft as a cinematographer. I am not sure, though, how to get into it. I still have to shoot a couple of projects for the class and that's experience, but after that I am pretty lost ! I don't really know how to get some experience ! Just try to get gigs on CL for just everykind of position that allow me to be on set ? like PA or grip ? or AC ? I am willing to work for free at the beginning. Maybe you guys know some places or website where i can start off interning or working on some projects ! thank you I live in NY, maybe there is someone here willing to help out that would be great ! :D
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