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  1. Happy to see DoPs in the forum. This is Manoj. Currently in USA, but have a rental company in Kochi ( RC Films LLC ).
  2. All, For sale, Arri Standard Speed lenses (16,24,32,40,50 and 85mm ) lens set. Just finished the complete rebuild @Duclos. The service cost is $13.5K. This is a full rebuild that includes replacing old front and rear lens elements with new ones. I'm willing to let the rebuilt set go for $28K !!! This must be the lowest price you could see for a fully rebuilt 6 lens standard prime set !!! This price is fair & FIRM. Right now the set is @Duclos. You can pay me $13.5 and I shall transfer the ownership to you. Then you pay Duclos remaining $13.5K and pick it up directly from them. You may go to Duclos to inspect the lenses. Location : Charlotte, NC
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