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  1. Hello, I am selling a PDMovie Remote Air One wireless follow focus. It is the EF motor version that is best suited for SLR lenses. It works also with cine lenses with soft and smooth focus rotation. Are included: - Wireless remote - Control box - EF motor with 15/19mm adjustable rods adapter. - 4 big antennas - 2 small antennas - rods adapter for control box - carrier strap for remote - metal marking disk - 3 glow in the dark marking disks - pelicase - full cable set Price: 500 euros, shipping to Europe included. For shipping outside Europe, please contact me. Payment by Paypal. Please feel free to contact me for more informations. I can send bigger pictures by e-mail, please contact me by PM. All the best, Olivier
  2. Hello! I am selling a Paralinx Arrow Plus package with 1 transmitter and 2 receivers (all HDMI). One of the receivers just came back from servicing at Paralinx. The set functions perfectly and also includes: Shield protector, 2 RX Dtap cables, 2 TX Dtap cables, 1 RX AC adapter, 1 RX usb cable, remote and IR connector, 2 HDMI-HDMI female, original manual and case. Price: 950 euros, shipping to Europe included. For shipping outside Europe, please contact me. Payment by Paypal. Please feel free to contact me for more informations. I can send bigger pictures by e-mail, please contact me by PM. All the best, Olivier
  3. Hello, I had great experience with Focal Point Inc (http://www.focalpointlens.com). They fixed coating issues on a Kinoptik 75mm and cleaned it completely. I found their service pretty affordable too. Just make sure your customs paper are right so you don't pay fees at import afterwards. All the best, Olivier
  4. Hello Brett, I am sorry, the filters are already sold. Happy holidays to you too. All the best, Olivier
  5. Hello! I send you an e-mail and PM. Did you receive them? All the best, Olivier
  6. Here are some examples of projects where these filters were used: - (Shot on Sony FS100 with Nikon AI-S, Sigma and Tokina zoom lenses with Low Contrast 1/4) - (Shot on Sony F3 with Zeiss Super Speed lenses with Low Contrast 1/4 + Black Pro Mist 1/8) - (Shot on Red Epic Monochrome with Zeiss Super Speed lenses with Low Contrast 1/4)
  7. Hello! I'm selling a full set of five 4x4 Schneider Low Contrast Filters with their pouches. All are in perfect shape. Included are: - 4x4 Schneider Low Contrast 2000 1/8 - 4x4 Schneider Low Contrast 1/4 - 4x4 Schneider Low Contrast 1/2 - 4x4 Schneider Low Contrast 1 - 4x4 Schneider Low Contrast 2 They are excellent filters to soften the contrast of modern lenses, also help a lot with the rendering of highlights. Please let me know if you have any questions, I can post links to examples. Price: 600 euros + shipping Payment by wire transfer (preferred) or Paypal. All the best, Olivier
  8. Hello! I am selling a Leica Macro-Elmarit R 60mm 2.8 lens in great shape, clean optics, smooth focus, clean aperture. It's in Leica R mount (easy to adapt to Canon EF, M4/3, Sony E). Original front metal cap and plastic back cap. Beautiful lens both for macro and portrait, sharp and beautiful leica out of focus and skin tones. It's the "new" version with 55mm front, recent serial (3513233). Price: 650 euros Payment by Paypal or cash. Free shipping to EU (located in Brussels, Belgium). All the best, Olivier
  9. Hello, I am selling the following items. Payment by Paypal, pictures available on request. Here's my e-mail: olivier@theblacksheep.be Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 + Tilta 15mm support and V-Lock plate + Dtap cable It's HD 10bit Prores 422HQ (or uncompressed 4:2:2) recorder placed inside a dedicated Titla 15mm rods support with a V-Lock plate on the back. Great system, I used it with a FS100/700, C100, D800,... The connector of the SDI output of the Hyperdeck is broken. Everything else works perfectly. On the Tilta plate, only the Dtap is active, the other outputs never worked well (I taped them off to avoid using them). Included is a Dtap to DC cable to power the Hyperdeck from the V-Lock plate (it's the same cable for the BMCC). Price: 200 EUR + shipping (33 EUR to most countries) Blackmagic HDLink Little magic box that converts SDI to DVI/HDMI. Accepts 1DLut. Usually used in post-production but I used it as a 1D Lut Box on a camera via a HawkWoods 5V dtap cable. No AC power included (takes DC 5V 2.A, easy to find on Ebay). Price: 100 EUR + shipping (13 EUR to most countries) Petrol PLMD-2 Monitor Bag Brand new, unused Monitor Bag from Petrol. Price: 90 EUR + shipping (from 17 to 50 EUR) Small HD DP6 Canon battery plate Brand new, unused Canon LP-E6 battery plate for the Small HD DP6. Price: 20 EUR + shipping (9 EUR to most countries) Fotodiox Tough Mount Replacement Mount for Sony E-Mount cameras (2 available) Brand new, unused replacement mounts. Here's for more infos: https://fstoppers.com/diy/fixing-son...-e-mount-42714 Price: 30 EUR + shipping (9 EUR to most countries) Atomos Spyder Monitor Calibration System I'm selling an Atomos Spyder Color Calibration System. Brand new in Box. This allows you to calibrate the monitor of the Atomos Shogun, Blade, Samurai,... Here's a link to a review: http://www.provideocoalition.com/rev...ration-system/ Price is 100 EUR + shipping (9 EUR to most countries). All the best, Olivier
  10. Hello, I am selling a LiteProGear Feather Camera Crane. It's an ultra light camera crane or jib for DSLR and even a Red (as it is and even more with the upgrade). It weights only 2.2kg and is really small when packed. It's complete, in great shape and there's an extension plate in bonus. Really cool product, barely used. Here's their website for more informations: http://www.liteprogear.com Price is 700 EUR + shipping (around 50 EUR to most countries). It was bought new from the EU distributor for 1100 EUR + VAT. Payment by Paypal. Here's my e-mail: olivier@theblacksheep.be All the best, Olivier
  11. Hello, I am selling different 4x4 filters all great shape, all with a pouch. Here's the list and prices: - 4x4 Formatt Fog 1/4 and Fog 1/2: 80 EUR (for the two filters) - 4x4 Schneider Classic Soft 2: 80 EUR - 4x4 Tiffen Black Pro-Mist 2: 70 EUR - 4x4 Tiffen Glimmerglass 3: 120 EUR - 4x4 Schneider ND 0.9: 60 EUR - 4x4 Schenider IR ND 1.8 Platinum: 120 EUR Shipping is 9 EUR per filter to most countries. Combined shipping is cheaper. Payment by Paypal. Pictures available on request. Here is my e-mail: olivier@theblacksheep.be All the best, Olivier
  12. Hello everyone, I'm very happy to announce that our movie was selected in the international competition of the Ostrava Kamera Oko International Cinematographer's festival. It is more than a surprise as we are in excellent company. If you are around, we'd be pleased to meet you there. http://www.filmfestivalostrava.com/en/index.php?page=novinka&id=63 All the best, Olivier
  13. Hello everybody, After one year and a couple of festivals (unfortunately not SXSW), we finally updated the website: http://www.somewhere-themovie.com We had the chance to see the movie screened in very different conditions and I must say most of the times the quality of the projector has more influence than the screening format. Digibeta on a brand new Barco is a thousand times better than HDCam on a low quality HD projector. A bit scary also to see how bad digital screenings are at most festivals and I don't even talk about sound. The movie will be available on DVD beginning of July. We remastered image and sound for this release as we discovered a couple new tricks since we finished the movie ;-) Thanks again to everyone on this forum, it's truly a great source of information and inspiration. All the best, Olivier
  14. If I remember well, this was shot with two bolex 16mm cameras, probably at 90° or less a bit like they did for some scenes in Fight Club. Post production must include some kind of 3D camera mapping and post camera move. Character is rotoscoped and placed as a top layer.
  15. Hello, I'm selling different film stocks: 16MM: 10 x 400ft: Kodak Vision 2 100T / 7212 / 1 perf / factory seal 10 x 400ft: Fuji F-500T / 8670 / 1 perf / factory seal 10 x 400ft: Kodak Color Negative II Film 100T / 7247 / 2 perf / factory seal 2 x 400ft: Kodak Vision 320T / 7605 / 2 perf / factory seal 3 x 400ft: Kodak EXR 50D / 7245 / 1 perf / 2 factory seal + 1 recan 1 x 400ft Kodak Plus X / 7231 / 1 perf / factory seal 2 x 400ft Kodak Double X / 7222 / 1 perf / factory seal 35MM Recan Kodak Vision 2 250D / 5205 1x 40m 1x 96m 1x 55m 1x 122m 1x 305m 1x 150m Total: 768m (2519 feet) Price: best offer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also selling an Harrison changing tent (standard size) and an Eclair NPR Reg16 package (with 12-120 Angenieux zoom, 4 mags and orientable viewfinder) Olivier Vanaschen +32 477 84 78 65 olivier@theblacksheep.be www.theblacksheep.be
  16. Thank you very much Adam! Cine lenses is a good idea if you have access to them, they are usually faster than the one I used (the zoom opened at 2.8) and focusing will be much easier. I've only used an older Letus once so I can't comment too much but from what I saw, I prefer the look of the SG. The new SGBlade is very well built and the bokeh of the "classic" groundglass is pretty organic to me. I've checked your website, must say I really like your still work! Very interesting! We've just started sending it to festivals, for now mainly big ones without much luck (no Venice, Toronto, NY, Pusan, Tokyo, Bangkok,...) as we could have expected. We keep our fingers crossed for the ones that might fit better like SXSW,... Thanks again for your message! Olivier
  17. Thank you very much John! We hope to have our new reel ready for mid-September. Here are a couple stills from the final master and some making of pictures also.
  18. Of course, but if you shoot a ground glass, the ground glass influences the diffusion of the bokeh. Shoot the same lens with a DSLR and different adapters and you'll notice the bokeh's differences. With the DSLR, it'll be way sharper than with the RedRock for example.
  19. I highly recommend the SGBlade and Cinemek. Having shot with every possible 35mm adapter since years (and even some homemade ones), those two are the best. Don't forget one thing, to get a nice bokeh, you need to loose some light. Yes, some loose less light but then the bokeh gets very diffused, less filmic. With the SGBlade, you can actually choose the Ground Glass. Olivier
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