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    Arri IIb, Eyemo, Zeiss Kinamo, Eclair ACL II, Bolex EBM, Bolex REX-4
  1. Im not sure but I think reversal, because they vere after of 60s newsreels.
  2. Thank you for this Dom! I just love these oldtimer craftsmen how stand so calm on the edge of the abyss.
  3. I love this movie! One of my all time favorites. We screened this last year in our film club in Helsinki from my lovely 16mm print. Eisensteins have written a great essay about this film where he famosly writes: “Suppose some truant good fairy were to ask me … ‘Is there some American film you’d like me to make you the author of – with a wave of my wand?’ I would not hesitate to accept the offer, and I would at once name the film that I wish I had made. It would be Young Mr. Lincoln directed by John Ford.”
  4. Thanks guys! Yes, I will get separate HDD drives for my media files. Only OS X and apps on my SSD. So it seems like 256GB will be enough for Resolve. I wonder why Blackmagic recomends to have 512MB or more?
  5. Hello, Do I really must have 512GB drive for OS X and aplicatons like they say or would 256GB would be enough? Im thinking of getting bootable PCIe SSD for Mac Pro 5.1. If someone can enlighten me I would be gratefull!
  6. Actually Color supports 4K resolution but I wasnt planning to do grading my self so maybe it would be safest to use DaVinci for conversion so there wont be any any problems. Thanks Tyler!
  7. Thank you Tyler! What do you mean by Color been glitchy? Your are saying Resoleve would be better option for crating proxy files. Can you open that little bit? I was thinking to get Resolve and I actually also have Media Composer 5.5 but I got to admit (shamefully) that I have never use it because I have been too comfortable with FCP7. I would be gratefull to read suggestions what would be best workflow in my situation.
  8. Hello all! Im new with offline workflow so bear with me. I have DPX files which I need to edit offline. I have old Final Cut Studio 3 and Im tend to use Color to make proxies and then edit with FCP. Is there something I need to take in to account when I do that? Will the Color make automatically necessary metadata for EDL so I can relink my DPX files flawlessly? DPX files are mede from super8 scans so there is no camera timecode.
  9. Pentti Sammallahti is one of the greatest! He is also master printer and still working in the darkroom. http://www.peterfetterman.com/artists/pentti-sammallahti
  10. Thank you again Dom and Robert! This has been very helpfull. I will do some more tests and ask the repair prices and then make the decision.
  11. Yes, the separation covers about 70% of the lens, including center. Rear elements are in good condition. Lens is also pretty yellow too I don't know is it because of Canada Balsam or radioactivity. I haven't try UV-light treatment yet. I emailed P&S too. There is one guy here in Finland how has some experience re-cementing still photography lenses. I wonder is there some special centering and collimating tools and knowledge needed when dealing Panchros whitch differs ordinary still lenses?
  12. Thank you Dom! It will be my own use. The guy how told me it's not worth it, told me also that it might not affect too much the image, but I have notised that if I use bright practicals or let the back light go in to the lens I get pretty bad flare all over my image. I don't have other Cooke but I have Zeiss Sonnar 85mm and I know Zeiss is more contrasty lens but there is so big differens with these lensen even when there goes no light towards the lens. Zeiss seems lot sharper too. Sure Zeiss is sharper by default I didn't think it would be that much. Maybe I should test with other Cooke then
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