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  1. So the reason I want to operate off the shoulder is because I want to get chest to belly button height shots but with some slight movement whether in and out or side to side. I'm fairly tall at 6' so I want to see if there's any other way I can operate without having to semi squat. I can't sit on something because then I can't move in and out or side to side. I'd like to come off the easy rig because the shot is ruined by your hips when you walk. I'm curious to know what other options there are other than to get a lighter camera of course haha. I am able to hand hold it off the top handle with a light weight setup being: mattebox, <5lb lens, battery, lens motor, wireless tx, and on board monitor, and evf. I can sustain this for a few minutes until I need a break but don't see it as a long term healthy solution.
  2. Curious as to why companies give lux and footcandles for distances that are not practical. Like one company will give you the fc for 1metre, 3metres then 50metres. Another will give you fc for 5metres then 10metres. It's so frustrating, does anyone know the algorithm to be able to compare two fixtures from two different companies given the photometrics they give you?
  3. a bit off topic but does anyone have a link to tests to show how fall off is effected by the distance of the light from the model?
  4. Also, does anyone remember how long it takes to charge 98wh , 150wh, 190wh, 240wh, 270wh etc? Couldn't find a google result on it 😞
  5. Tvlogic 058 and nucleus follow focus are the accessories that I'd attach to the alexa classic. I've heard that 98wh gives 20 minutes, 130wh gives 1.5h (not sure the logic here as it's less than double that of 98wh) and 250+wh gives 3+ hours but these are from a youtube video and most likely without accessories. Can anyone chime in?
  6. Tvlogic 058 and nucleus follow focus are the accessories that I'd attach to the alexa classic. I've heard that 98wh gives 20 minutes, 130wh gives 1.5h and 250+wh gives 3+ hours but these are from a youtube video and most likely without accessories. Can anyone chime in?
  7. Hey guys, selling a red epic dragon owner operator never rented. Great condition. Open to offers.RED Epic Dragon 6K Body 660 hours5’’ touch w/ 2x evf cables (12’’ & 3’)2 x 512gb mini memory cardsMini Mag ReaderPL / EF mountTop handleTop Cheese PlateBridgeplate 19mm/15mm lwsDovetailVmount Battery PlateAC Power CableOptional (additional cost)Radian Wireless Video (HDMI) 2 rx / 1txOptional (additional cost)2 x 150wh V mounts2 x 98wh V mountsDual V mount charger
  8. Going to be shooting an alexa classic with cooke 18-100 all day. It's going to kill me haha. Anyone try the walter? I've never tried it any opinions?
  9. Love the look of the cooke speed panchros s2. Shooting a project where I need the convenience of zooms though. Anyone know if the cooke 18-100 have the same look?
  10. Used it on a dana dolly and easy rig. Doable but want something lighter for gimbal use. Curious as to why they haven't made anything lighter recently.
  11. Shipped to toronto, canada Thanks!
  12. Looking for a material that will give subjects the slightest diffusion and not change the sun's wrap / exposure and still have it look natural when the entire background is being hard lit by the sun.
  13. How is the seal though? I feel like light still leaks in there
  14. Was thinking of 3d printing something like that but at the other end it's a custom mold to your face haha. Any one have thoughts on what to add / change?
  15. I use the classic duvetyne over the head to cloak myself but it’s not ideal. wondering if there are any mods that are neat and efficient for every situation dolly, easy rig, sticks etc. was thinking of a way to make an eyepiece or one where you use both eyes like goggles.
  16. i thought magic hour started 1 hour before sunset and up to 30 minutes before sunset?
  17. Hi David, I would be shooting 26-50fps to achieve slow motion. I think I meant to say: to shoot 26-50fps and place onto a 24fps timeline to achieve slow motion. If 144-to-200-ish degree shutter angle is recommended to maintain the filmic look blur is there a guideline on which shutter angle to choose when choosing an fps? My intended fps range is 26-48fps ish.
  18. Thanks! It shouldn't matter what fps or aputure I shoot at either right the false colour values will be the same? ISO might matter though?
  19. https://imgur.com/a/1iYonZn I've ordered them in the order I think they would be shot chronologically. Pic 1 & 2 - magic hour - roughly 1 hour before sunset. I think it's magic hour because the contrast is quite high and the sun is still up there. I believe 1 has some sort of bounce because I'm guessing he should be silhouetted due to the dynamic range. 3,4,5,6 - is this past magic hour nearing sunset? The contrast between sky and subject should be less right? And to get that sunset orange sky I should be shooting towards the direction the sun is setting right? Otherwise it would be a darker cool background and the subject would be front lit. 7&8 - like 10 minutes before sunset? 9 sunset. I'm trying to shoot something similar to 3-6 where I get the golden sky but also enough exposure on the subject to be able to capture a wide shot and not have to light it / bounce. What hour before sunset do you think I should shoot at? Also correct me if Im' wrong but after sunset, there is no more glow in the sky right?
  20. 12 fps: make song last 1.956x longer by stretching it to 51.1% speed18 fps: make song last 1.333x longer by stretching it to 75.0% speed20 fps: make song last 1.226x longer by stretching it to 81.6% speed22 fps: make song last 1.067x longer by stretching it to 93.7% speed26 fps: make song last 0.907x as long as normal; play it at 110.25% speed30 fps: make song last 0.800x as long as normal; play it at 125% speed32 fps: make song last 0.747x as long as normal; play it at 133.87% speed36 fps: make song last 0.672x as long as normal; play it at 148.81% speed48 fps: make song last 0.498x as long as normal; play it at 200.80% speed60 fps: make song last 0.400x as long as normal; play it at 250.00% speed If the plan is to bring it back to 24fps in post, should the shutter angle be at 180 when shooting?
  21. Trying to see if there is a way to analyze a reference image on a flanders monitor with false colour and then be able to estimate what f stop I need my lights at to replicate the image on set. I can see that sentence taken a couple of ways so to elaborate, I would throw a reference image that I'm trying to replicate from my computer up on a flanders monitor. I would then put false colour on to see all the values. When on set I could try to replicate the lighting and I would know what values to place my lights at based on the false colour from the reference image. I'm wondering if there's a way to translate that false colour reading of shadows, highlights, middle into a value I can use on my light meter. The reason being is so that I don't have to wait for camera and monitor to be up before I start lighting, I can just use my light meter.
  22. I’m a dop and I just realized that I spend most of my time analyzing frames and saving references and watching things on ig on my phone to judge what I like and don’t like so why not try using my phone as a monitor? Brightness won’t be an issue I’ll solve that problem. Must have close to 0 latency. Must be colour accurate obv, no crushed contrast or saturated colours etc. Anyway this is possible? I know they have knock offs of the teradek tablet transceiver but I think that changes the colours too much.
  23. Shooting during the day (gloomy) or during dusk exterior and am looking to recreate the muzzle flash from a gun shot. 2 different shots. The camera will be from outside the car and the gun shot happens inside the car. The other will be from within the car. I noticed in the sample below that the gun flash doesn't have that wide of an illumination radius when I freeze the frame, it lightly hits his face and his tshirt- or am I missing something? I'm just thinking that a bare bulb will flood the entire frame as if I had just fired an on camera flash. Sample: (@12:30)
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