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  1. Got a quote from my local film rental and they quoted 2500 just to power an 18k hmi. Including the generator truck and the person to supervise it. I'm trying to light a scene similar to these: https://imgur.com/a/lEnLkw5 and both DOP's said that they used an 18k HMI. I could probably cheat the scene if it were the closeups but not sure what I'd do for the wides.
  2. Had a couple question about these guys. I'm looking to buy them used. Are there different versions and if there are, are there ones to avoid? Should I experience problems if it's 3-5 years old? Also, how is the 056 to pull compared to a smallhd 702 bright? Have the opportunity to trade the 702 bright plus cash for an 056. 056 would be for the AC to pull 058 would be for me (dp) so colour / exposure is critical to me. I know 058 can get close to colour accuracy from directors monitors I put them side by side. But wondering if age of a monitor will screw with this. Will I be able to tweak the colour settings to accomodate?
  3. For some reason my attachment didn't upload Here is the image https://imgur.com/a/9Rj8Dm8
  4. This is what I had in mind: https://imgur.com/a/fzxXwtO I'm not sure if the rim light on the subjects on the left is the same source used to key the subjects on the right. And vice versa. Or are they separate sources? I'm going to have a 12 foot by 4.5 foot table with 5 people on each side and 1 at the head. I was thinking for the rim and cross keys - L7C with small or large chimera with egg crates. Can't decide on what size chimera to get. Then for the top fill a chimera with 400hmi. I'm not sure how large though and whether i should get 2 sets to cover the whole 12 ft table.
  5. Hey guys, looking to purchase one of those monitors. Also open to other TV Logic monitors. Please pm me :) Thanks
  6. Hey guys, I'm trying to recreate this pattern of light on the wall coming from a stained glass window. I'm shooting in a room 13'x14' and can't place windows outside of this room. I've attached a reference photo of the desired stained glass lighting effect here: http://imgur.com/a/WWJh8 And if possible get the direction of the light similar to the first two shots here : http://imgur.com/a/WWJh8 as that is the placement of the subject and camera angle.
  7. Is it common practice to sit on something such as a stool or apple boxes in order to hold a shot of someone that is at a different height than you if you were standing upright? Also, any tips/techniques for shooting shoulder mounted? I will be using an easyrig so that will help with the weight.
  8. What light and diffusion would you use though?? I am thinking of rigging up a grid with cat poles.
  9. Also how did they achieve that vignette on the wall?
  10. I'm aware of where the lights are but am wondering what kind of fixtures, rigs, diffusion, flags you would use to light this. I'm aiming to shoot the same thing inside a house and my main concern is what they used for that large top light.
  11. Berry Spinx

    Cat Poles

    How safe is it to rig 4x4 kinos onto a cat pole stretched across a typical sized bedroom? Any suggestions to alternatives?
  12. So if I read this properly, if I were to do the 2nd method, I would have to work in terms of lighting ratios? What do you think the lighting ratios would be between the shadows, key tone and highlights for the image you posted as well as the video I posted?
  13. I'm trying to understand the post but I get lost in some of the terminology that you use. I am trying to mimic the lighting in this: People are saying to light as is and underexpose the shadows in camera. Others are saying to not underexpose and crush it in post.
  14. Thank you for the elaborate reply. What is the key tone?
  15. If you were shooting in a studio how would you light this (excluding the window)? Also, you have access to a grid above the set. I'm shooting for the first time in a studio for a school project and would like some tips and advice as I obviously value the opinion of those who are more experienced. thank you in advance. http://i.imgur.com/SFtkb.png
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