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  1. Ah — something I didn't mention: there is not a real movie screen on stage.
  2. Hey all, Trying to front-light an audience from a stage shooting 400iso at f/2.8 with 5-6 ~1k powered lights (LED and Tungsten). Should I just put up a large diffusion frame and shoot all my lights through? House lights are dimmable.
  3. Shooting a music video upcoming and my main reference is the 1980 Friday the 13th film: I'm planning to shoot with Sony a7iii and Fujinon MK Zooms — but what kind of filtration would you recommend to help soften the lens and achieve a look close to Friday the 13th? Happy new year. micah
  4. Hey all, I'm DPing a music video in Jamaica in 2 weeks and looking for advice on achieving a 90's MTV texture with the help of filters or other optical techniques. I'm also curious how to achieve the look/texture of a Panasonic DVX100 with a Blackmagic URSA Mini (either in photography or in post). I have some pretty soft Nikon Ai's that I'm planning on using for the 2-day shoot, probably a 20mm for a large majority of the setups. Are there any filters that you would recommend to help aid the soft 90's look? Also, anyone have any advice for shooting in Jamaica? :) thanks!
  5. Hey all, I'm DP'ing my first VFX centric gig and I've got a couple months to prep. We are shooting in a large shared warehouse space. There isn't enough money to green screen everything, so we've planned on only green screening our set extension and shooting hanging black duve around the whole space. We will likely have one HMI (1800w), a 1K fresnel, and several 1x1 LED Panels. My questions are: 1) Do you have any lighting tips when shooting a set extension shot mixing green screen and black backdrops? 2) Any tips to keep light off the duve hanging everywhere (especially the floor)? 3) How to get the most out of the HMI lighting a large space (toplight with a butterfly?) I've attached some storyboards, any advice is appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the response, David. I assumed also that it could be done in post but I think I'd rather force the choice in-camera. I like the halation effect. Offhand, do you know the light loss of a LC filter or does that vary by intensity?
  7. When would you recommend using LC filters? I'm gearing up for a short film in January and the main reference the directors have given me is "Five Easy Pieces." It appears that that film could've been shot with LC filters, but I'm not sure. I'm hoping to use LC as a creative choice rather than technical — how powerful is the effect of an LC filter, and what grade of LC would you recommend (1/4, 1, 2,3,4 etc)? This film is a lot of EXT. DAY.
  8. Thanks guys. Adrian, didn't quite understand that last bit. What's a Pa464?
  9. Doing night shoot in some remote roads, having trouble finding a power adapter or a way to power a 1k off a car. Is this possible?
  10. You're not alone. It's a warzone out there. I find it increasingly appalling that people have to bring their personal life into the business agreements they've made to fend you off. Like we don't all have problems to deal with. It shouldn't happen. I feel your pain.
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