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  1. I wonder if there is any way to rehouse the lens into a lighter housing. This lens is so beautiful. We once did a test with the rear anamorphic dapter, absolutely gorgeous.
  2. Something similar to this as a background: https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/cozy-industrial-style-interior-royalty-free-image/954245996
  3. Hi everyone, i am a doc camera operator and normally don't have any studio work. Now a client wants to get some interviews done and only has a small room without windows, around 6x8 meters in size and ugly wall colors. I could create a nice picture with a solid paper backdrop in let's say a darker blue or red and big soft light source and neg fill for the talking but i feel for doing something different. I am thinking about printing a big backdrop of an open industrial space with lot's of light and placing the person in front of it but i never tried to use a photo background. Is it even possible to make them look real? I think about using space lights to evenly light the background and then use the same setup as mentioned above fo the talking head. Daylight, joker 800 book light on the talking head having chest and head in the shot, centered. I am just afraid that the background will look articifical. Can someone let me know about specifics of making this setup appear like a real location? Style of the interviews will be similar to this: Just that this is a very low key look while i have to go for a more high key (hence the industrial daylight background). Thanks a ton for any help!
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