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  1. Hello everybody, SET of CANON FD - TLS Rehoused on sale - Brandnew Selling a Set on Canon FD - freshly rehoused by TLS (feet or meter scale could still be decided) Glass was chosen very carefully, no scratches, no marks, no chips, no haze, no fungus. Comes in very mint condition. (report by TLS can be requested) Coming all of corse in PL Mount, 110mm front. Scale can be still decided at this stage, as they are at TLS right now. - Canon FD L 14mm 2.8 - Canon FD SSC 20mm 2.8 - Canon FD L 24mm 1.4 - Canon FD SSC 28mm 2.0 - Canon FD SSC 35mm 2.0 - Canon FD SSC 55mm Aspherical 1.2 - Canon FD SSC 85mm Aspherical 1.2 - Canon FD 100m 2.0 - Canon FD 135mm 2.0 I don't think I need to explain more about this lenses. They are great for LF and S35 (as the 24, 55, 85 is the exact same glass as used in K35) If anyone is interested, please reach out to hello@phillipkaminiak.com lenses will come most likely directly form TLS and can be shipped worldwide. Offers welcome. Looking forward to hear from you. Have a great day
  2. Hello i am looking for a Looking for TEGEA KINOPTIK 1,8 9,8mm Lens Ideally rehoused. Anyone who would like to get rid of one ? hello@phillipkaminiak.com Cheers Phillip
  3. Could you please send higher Res Pictures to hello@phillipakaminiak.com Do you know when the were built more or less ? P
  4. Hello. I am looking for a KOWA spherical Cine Prominar 25mm SINGLE LENS. Age or state doesn't matter, can be Mitchell or BNCR Mounted as well. Also would help to hear if you know, who might know someone. Happy to hear hints that help to continue the searching journey. Thanks a lot ! Phillip
  5. Yeah but that a FD L . I am looking for a SSC one. theses seem to be even more rare.... 😞
  6. Hello everybody, looking for a Canon FD SSC 24mm 1.4 Aspherical Photo lens . If anyone has one left and want to get rid of it, would be great to hear from you . Thanks
  7. Hello everybody, I am looking for a Set of 8 Lenses KOWA Cine Prominar 15mm, 20mm, 24mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50m, 75mm, 100mm. Rehoused or non Rehoused. Have a great day Phillip
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