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  1. Hi guys, Sorry for asking a question about a lowly camcorder ;) but I would appreciate some help please...I am sure this will be easy for someone!! I have hired a Z100 for a shoot and have plugged in the supplied shotgun mic. Set the usual channel settings as per most cameras, nothing weird there. On the metering display section on the LCD, there is a red circle with a line through it - indicating that audio is not enabled or something??? I can't find anythign in the manual or any intuitive setting. I'm sure it is easy...can anyone shed some light please?? Thanks in advan
  2. Hi Tom, I also bought some of this stock off eBay. I had it processed at Alphacine in Seattle. They said it was a bit tricky, but no problem. I would give them a call re. chemistry / timings etc. They are pretty helpful. This stock, for the price, is pretty good I think. It didn't have the contrast of 7222 but it was good in low light and still looked nice. Cheers, Matt
  3. Hi everyone, Can someone tell me - so I can find out without trial and error, am I going to have any hassles with the 400ft magazine rollers when shooting Super 16? Are they going to mark or spoil the film?? Do they need to be modified?? Bit of an odd question but maybe someone has tried this already?? Thanks in advance, Matt
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