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  1. Is anyone actually on this forum? I'm applying to the new FTMA program at Sacred Heart University. It's a one year master program. Has anyone heard of it? They say they focus on story and technique for the new media market. I like it but it's in it's first year. This could be good or bad. Thoughts?
  2. I am also biased, but I think learning more than just technical stuff is important. I am going to FTMA at Sacred Heart University this fall. It's a one year Master's degree program for way less than 40k and you learn about story and craft and are part of a community that will HOPEFULLY try to get you a job.
  3. I'm applying to the FTMA in CT. This is the program's first year. There is something like 30 students total. They primarily use Canon 5D Mark II. Is this a good camera for a "film conservatory?"
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