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  1. Hello everybody, So the wooden camera zip box seems to be the answer to my prayers. The only thing is the MiniS4 is 87mm and the zip box covers either 80-85mm or 90-95mm... They seem to be pretty rubbery, so I'm wondering if I get the 90mm one and over-tighten it or If I get the 85mm on and try to push it in. First option sounds the best. Have any of you guys tested the Zip Box on the Mini S4? Thanks!!!!
  2. Thanks Phil. A baseplate with a shoulder pad, along with a 15mm rod system is in the lost already. The V-mount battery is a great tip. I'll add it as well. Thanks so much!
  3. Hello everybody, I'll be shooting a documentary soon and I'll only have one day for camera testing. I've used the 19-90 on an Amira and adored the glass. This time, the budget is a bit lower, but I've managed to squeeze in a 19-90mm along with a FS7 camera. I wanted to know from all the colleagues here if any of you have used the 19-90mm on the FS7 via a E-mout to PL adapter. Most important: How's the ergonomics of such a package for handheld work? Any heads up that I should know before hand? Any accessories that'll make my life easier? Thanks for any info and have a great day!
  4. Hello everybody, I'm shooting a short with Cooke Mini S4 primes, a C300, and recording prores HQ with a Odyssey7Q. I've never shot with a Odyssey recorder before, and testing will take place the day prior to the shoot. Is there any setting that I have to pay attention to in order for things to work properly? We're recording 23.98p 1920x1080 prores HQ footage, and I've read on the convergent design website that a 3:2 PULLDOWN should be used. Does it do that automatically? Thanks a lot guys!
  5. Hello everybody, I'm seeking a focus puller based in Buenos Aires for a six week feature film shoot starting late january and wrapping early march.We will be shooting in Rio de Janeiro but production is based in Argentina due to a co-production Brazil-Argentina. We are shooting Alexa with Cooke mini S4 glass. Lots of steadycam work!!! Please email me atala.joao@gmail.com Cheers!
  6. Cheers guys, I've been prepping for a shoot in Asia and I have a few questions that perhaps someone could enlighten me based on experience with this camera. Like I said, we'll be very far from any metropolitan area, so please take into consideration reliability on your help. God knows why this camera but the client wants it. Here are my questions: 1. I'm using an external recorder, basically would llike some tips on that. It outputs via SDI 8-Bit 4:2:2 uncompressed footage. I really like the PIX 240i, but is it overkill for my needs? The PIX records up to 12-Bit Prores 4444, and the camera only outputs 8-Bit 4:2:2. If so, Is the AJA ki pro mini or the Atomos Samurai worth a shot? 2. The glass for the job is a set of PL mount LOMOS. Which PL adaptor for MFT do you recommend? I've seen stuff on the web on the Vocas and on the Chrosziel one (which seems to need 15mm rods for mounting?). Is there any peculiarity I should know of regarding any of these adaptors? 3. How is the battery life on this bad boy? Any piece of advice on this gear would be greatly appreciated. I've got only one day for testing and I want to be ready. thanks a lot guys
  7. loved the flare test! thanks a lot for sharing! Indeed the Ultras are somewhat amazing.
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