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  1. It seems harder and harder to get jobs that pay what they did in the 80s & 90s. With advancements in digital media exploding and more and more graduates working for less than what it cost to rent the gear they bought with their student loans, some of us are now having to reduce our rates to where we cant afford to feed our families. Please don't get me wrong on this . After I finished school I too was very eager to work, but I started right away with IA 873 in Toronto as a grip and worked my way up to DP. I guess what I'm trying to say here is I , like many of my peers, have had to take on a 2'nd job outside of our profession to make ends meet. This takes a great toll on our psyche, in some, great depression. Trying to avoid this situation I ask this. Where can a DP find representation? Shaw H. Burrows Dir. of Photographer South Florida
  2. Can anyone tell me how well the HVX200 & sony EX1 match up look wise ? I've got to shoot something with both cameras and im a little concerned about them matching. :unsure:
  3. even as a member of IA for 19 years ,after my transfer to 487 I had a great summer eraser, first kid and shadow conspieracy. then it seem to dry up. ive been in WPB FL for 8 years now and with 477, 500 & 600. Since leaving Toronto in 89 Ive never been busyier. BUT for just starting out chicago is a great place to start that is often over looked good luck and be hungry Ps Tims right
  4. We were looking at theHVX but wiyh only 7% of households in hd well not yet as well as our next film is a straight to video so we didnt need it for a film transfer. thanks for the balance with optional brick tip!
  5. I have no idea? Hopefully this is an isolated Glich to your machine only. I'm picking mine up tomorrow. I have been reading a lot of reviews and have yet to see anyone else having this problem, if I hear of it somewhere else I will direct them to you. If I have it myself there will soon be a gently used one on the market and I'll go back to the 100-A
  6. I have shot two shorts and a doc on the 100-A over the last 9 months, it was a rental. We just bought the XL2 3 days ago I have yet to get over to my directors house to pick it up for my first time of using it.What will I find the pros and cons to be over the 100-A (example) picture /balance/eye piece/ noise/ zoom/ ect.ect!!!!? :unsure: :unsure:
  7. Shaw H Burrows 561 827 6204 Tequesta fl. Give me a call or e-mial shawburrows@yahoo.com
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