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  1. Luma Tech sent us a set of their Illumina lenses to test out. We posted our findings on our blog, if you ever shoot with Super Speeds you should read this. http://filmicdigital.com/review-luma-tech-illumina-s35-lens-set/
  2. We did a little timelapse last week of our shop floor at Division Camera using the new frame averaging feature with nice results.
  3. I wrote up a blog post detailing the new features/changes in the new Epic/Scarlet firmware build, including timelapse, long exposure, pre-record and speed ramping. Check it out! http://filmicdigital.com/new-epicscarlet-firmware-build-4-v4-0-3-overview/
  4. There is a link in the blog post I made just above your post that includes a link to an EXCELLENT F55 tech demo/short. I highly recommend it.
  5. Hello, I work for Division Camera in Hollywood and was able to attend the unveiling event the other month at Sony Studios. I did a little write-up on our blog giving the low-down on the new cameras. I hope it's useful to you guys. http://filmicdigital.com/hands-on-with-the-sony-f5-and-f55/
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