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  1. New reel!
  2. Hello Artyom! Nice Job!! I liked your reel, though the youtube definition is a little bad, even on 1080p... Keep on the good work.
  3. Hello, I'm new here. I'll tell you my story, and hope it helps. Now, I'm not in the film industry, I'm just a Continuity Supervisor in a Hunting and Fishing Tv channel in Spain, where I live. But most of all I like directing. I began by attending to a private film school in Madrid, and the directing career is about 3 years, but I dropped out after the second year cause I could not afford it anymore. Instead I bought a video camera that I still have and use, a sony Z7, and began working as a phone operator. This sucks; I know but bear with me... Meanwhile I began studding software as adobe prem
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