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  1. im thinking buying an alexa mini, but only because i have 2 big projects coming up that will return the investment.. i dont have a camera yet, but i really wonder if owning one - actually will bring you more work
  2. Comments welcome www.artyomzakharenko.com
  3. Hi everyone Im trying to export a project i graded in Davinci to single Quicktime Prores422 files. When i open the exported files in Quicktime i notice a huge gamma shift and a greenish shade, looks completely different from what i did in Davinci. I know for sure it has nothing to do with monitor calibration, because i only have 1 monitor. I've checked out some forums but no clear answers there. Is anyone familiar to this problem and if so what to do? Shot on F55 in XAVC. A friend of mine said it has to do with the source footage which has a higher bitrate, but i couldnt find confirmation on that info on the internet. See screenshot below. Upper image is what i intended to do, the one below shows the actual export.
  4. Thanks all, i think i'll go for a combination of digital zoom, optical zoom an track out
  5. Hi all, Currently im working on a project in which i'll have to zoom out from a supersmall diamond stone to a wide shot in 1 take. I guess it's something typical what they do for zooming out of still pictures, except this time the object is very very small. The problem is i have no idea how to handle this… is this something i should do using high resolution, or switch lenses during the take and glue the two seperate shots together so that it looks as if its 1 take? Thanks!
  6. Hello all Im looking for a drone pilot with its own drone in Iceland. Drone must carry the weight of a Sony A7s + Canon 16-35 lens. Project to be shot by the end of this month/early september. Contact via artyomzakharenko@gmail.com Thanks Artyom
  7. made a new reel let me know what u think guys https://vimeo.com/129499906
  8. except the battery is covering the monitor so u kinda have to gamble ur shot
  9. actually yes, pocketcam wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than any dslr out there, i just finished a low budget documentary and again i regret we shot it on dslr
  10. Depends on the gig, on commercials we always rent cameras, because every project requires a different camera.. If ur mostly shooting short films then yes it can be handy to have your own set. Here in Europe people try to hire a cameraman because of his/her skills, not because he or she owns a camera.
  11. Freya, on the other hand going for broadcast/eng cameras like ex1 is maybe not the best choice If he conciders to become a professional DP you need to learn to work with lenses, which is a bit difficult (i think) to work with a small sensor and standart zoomlens though my first cam was a canon xl2
  12. ''...I can't just pick up my kit and go do some spontaneous shooting'' in that case i'd go for a cheap 2nd hand dslr just to practice, spending 10K on a camera for spontaneously shoots is also a waste of money (in my opinion), because lets face it, any camera will end up in the garbage sooner or later, glass on the other side will keep its value for another 100 years, if not forever Ive invested in a proper set CP2's, i always rent them out to the prod. house when i have a gig
  13. funny you mentioned that Freya, made me think of this part from 4.50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq1DQdIEYAg
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