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  1. Selling my ARRI III 35 Camera Package. PL Mount, 3-120 FPS, 3 400' Mags, CE Crystal Base, Bridging plugs for Reverse, Jurgens Orientable Video Door, CEI Color IV Flickerless Video Tap Camera, Jurgens Extension Eyepiece, Carry Handle, Pistol Grip, Hand Held extension grips, many different Ground Glasses, Hirshman Ground Glass Tool, XLR Power Cables, Heated eyepiece, Eyepiece Leveler, etc. etc. This was my personal camera--NEVER USED BY ANYONE BUT ME!!!! EXCELLENT CONDITION!! I am asking $2200.00 for everything in the package!!! Please call or Text Joe at 650-861-0065 I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I can send you more details and photos if you are interested. Give me a call and lets discuss this Arri III Package.
  2. This is my ARRI 35 III Camera Package that I am selling. Here are a few of the highlights in the package: Arri III, PL Mount, Fixed Shutter, CE Crystal Flat Base Speed Control, 3-120 FPS, Carry Handle, Pistol Grip, Reversing Bridge Plug, 3 400' Magazines, Jurgens Oreintable Video Door (Does not use a beamsplitter or Pellicle thereby allowing 100% of light to operators eye), 2 Jurgens Extension Eyepieces, Eyepiece Leveler, CEI IV Color Video Camera, CEI Lens Optics with all controls ( Focusing, sizing, aligning, etc.), CEI /Arri III Mounting Rings, Arri Std Eye Cup, Arri Std Heated Eye cup , 2 Remote on-off switches, Arri Accessory Splitter Box, XLR 4 pin 12Volt Power cables, 10 Different GROUND GLASSES--, Hirschman Ground Glass Tool, Top Handle Accessory Blocks( takes 3/8 screw in for monitors or other accessory. There are also tools and extra replacement parts--!!!!! I also have a 10": Transvideo Color Monitor I will throw into the package. I am asking $3500.00 for everything in this ARRI III Camera Package--OR MAKE ME A REASONABLE OFFER> VIsual Products just sold a CEI COLOR IV VIDEO CAMERA FOR $2200.00 and it did not have the Lens Optics!!! Please contact me a if interested and I can send you photos of the package and more specific information. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and can ship package anywhere in its heavy duty travel cases. CONTACT JOE @ 650-861-0065 or email me @ jpward@earthlink.net
  3. HI all, I am selling one of my ARRI 6x6 15MM 3 STAGE STUDIO MATTE BOX WITH ALL ACCESSORIES AND BELLOWS!!!! This is the 6x6 Matte Box that ARRI made just before they released the MB14. There are several step-down bellows and insert rings for different size lenses. I used this matte box with my Zeiss Primes (Super Speeds and Standard, Angenieux 25-250 HR, Cooke 20-100, Cooke S4's, Zeiss Ultra Primes, Optimo 11-1, etc, etc!!!! It comes with a set of Hard Mattes and a French Flag attachment. It is set up for 15MM Rods. I have many more specific photos that you can see. Please contact me and I will send them to you. jpward@earthlink.net I am also selling my Arri III CAMERA-Body with all normal accessories, -Color Video Tap, Jurgens Video Door, Jurgens Extension Eyepiece, Eye Piece Levelers, 3 Mags, CE Crystal FlatBase Speed Control, -Several Ground Glasses, Tools for the Arri III, This is a Generation 1 with a Fixed Shutter--It is in Excellent Condition!! PRICED TO SELL!!!! Call me for more specific info--650-861-0065 I AM A RELIABLE AND HONEST SELLER--ALL GEAR WAS ONLY OWNED AND USED BY MYSELF!!!
  4. I have an INNOVISION PROBE 1 BORESCOPE LENS SYSTEM FOR SALE. There are 5 lenses with the Probe--10mm, 14mm,16mm,24mm,32mm. The system comes with 4 mounts--PL, BNCR, ARRI STANDARD, PANAVISION. The PROBE itself is a UNIVERSAL MOUNT. The system also has an underwater housing/condom. This was used to do table top and very close up work. This INNOVISION SYSTEM can be used with any Film or Digital Camera. All Mount adapters are available.-Can be used with RED, BLACK MAGIC, CANON, NIKON, etc. etc. I am asking $4000.00 for the entire Probe System. If you were to go to INNOVISION and buy the very same package the cost would be $10,300.00. I can send detailed photos if you would like. The System comes with a custom case. Please contact me if you might be interested.--I also have an ARRI 6x6 3 STAGE STUDIO (15MM) MATTE BOX FOR SALE!! Joe 650-861-0065
  5. I have plenty of 6x6 Filters that I would like to sell. Pola, Clear, Straw,Chocolates, Color Grads, ND Grads, Sunset Grads, Tobacco Grads, etc!! I also am selling my Arri 6x6 3 stage Studio Matte Box (15MM) with all its inserts and bellows. I am also selling my Arri 2 Follow Focus System--has every piece!!( 15MM Studio). Email me or text me.--I will be happy to send lots of photos. jpward@earthlink.net 650-861-0065
  6. Hi All, I am selling my Arri 6x6 3 stage Studio Matte Box Kit ( Hard Mattes, all, Filter Trays, French Flag Attachment, several different size Bellows and insert Rings, Travel Case). I also am selling a Full Complete Arri 2 Follow Focus Kit ( all accessory's--Dummy side focus wheel, Dummy side extension, Extension and gears to move Follow Focus back closer to the operator if the focus barrel is towards the front of the lens--usually on long lenses, Speed Crank, Whip, Case. Innovision Probe 1 Borscope Lens System--5 lenses--(10MM, 14MM, 16MM,24MM,32MM), Underwater Housing/Condom, Follow Focus Gear for Lens Barrel, Mounts--PL, BNCR, ARRI STD. B4. The lens system can be used on any camera--all you need is the appropriate Mount adapter. Contact me and I will send you detailed photos and specific info on each item. The prices are extremely LOW!!! Contact Joe at 650-861-0065 or jpward@earthlink.net
  7. Hi Tony, I have a pristine Zeiss 10-1 MK2 T2 Zoom lens in almost new condition. It has all bracketry and has its original Arri Bayo Mount.--I also have a Zeiss Mutar matched 2x Extender--- I also have a Zeiss 9.5MM Super Speed Prime in Arri Bayo Mount--also a Zeiss 50MM Prime in Arri Bayo Mount. I have PL adapters for all as well. Also--I have an Angenieux 5.9 Lens in an Arri Std Mount. These were all used with an Arri SR camera Package that I am selling. Contact me if interested. Joe 650-861-0065 jpward@earthlink.net
  8. For sale: Canon 8-64 Super 16 lens ( the better version)--pristine with all bracketry and supports and clip on matte box. Pl or Arri bayonet mount. Canon 7-63 Super 16MM lens for sale--LIKE BRAND NEW Cano 11-165 Super 16MM len for sale--LIKE BRAND NEW Covers BM camera. Can use with Epic in 3K and do cropping Email me if interested and I can send you photos jpward@earthlink.net Prices are negotiable!!
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