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    Arriflex 16mm SR2, Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  1. Hey guys, I'm selling a Sony black & white SDI monitor for a camera, digital or film. I'll upload pictures in a couple hours. I'll listen to any offer. You can reply or PM me. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, I am currently selling an Arriflex SR Regular 16mm camera package. Here are the contents: Camera: Arriflex 16SR Regular 16mm Camera in Arri B/S mount Three magazines Batteries XLR cables Other power cables and battery chargers Magazine covers Eyepiece cup Handgrip Monitor: Sony B&W monitor Accessories Mounting equipment Cables Film: Some 16mm scratch film Crystal Control Speed: Crystal Control Speed that allows any framerate up to 75p. Cables for that and other accessories PM me with your best offer or if you want to see pictures! Or email me at tonymdupre@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. I agree! I think cropping is perfectly fine
  4. Hey guys thanks for all the replies. I am trying to pick between three cameras: Arriflex 16SR Regular 16mm in Arri B mount with 3 mags, upgraded electronics and gate, heated eyepiece, extended viewfinder, eyepiece leveler, leather barney, video tap, Sony 9" monitor, Arri baseplate, 6 on board batteries, battery charger, pistol grip, XLR cables, crystal sync up to 75FPS. No lens. $700. Will cost about $1200 to upgrade to Ultra 16 CP-16R Regular 16mm in CP mount with Arri B/S adapter, Angenieux 10-150mm zoom, viewfinder (prisms need re-silvering), XLR, AC adapter, 3 mags all for $1100. Upgrade to U16 is around $800. Krasnogorsk-3 in crystal sync for $1000. (Also maybe a Scoopic for $400 and then upgrade to U16 for $650) What do you think guys?
  5. Hi yes I would be interested in discussing my possible purchase of this camera. PM me or email me at tonymdupre@gmail.com
  6. Anyone know where I can get a Scoopic converted to Ultra 16? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys I'm either looking for a Tobin motor for a K-3 or a K-3 with a Tobin motor. I'll also be interested in seeing any kind of electric motor for the K-3 as well. Thanks!
  8. Hi guys I am looking for anyone who is selling a Canon Scoopic 16m that has been converted to Ultra 16. Thanks!
  9. The reason I ask is because funding doesn't seem to be going so well and I really don't think I'm going to come even close to my goal so I may have to get something very cheap.
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