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  1. I love it when folks say the BL can be used on the shoulder, yes when you are young, but I swear it has gained so much weight I cant barely put it on the tripod now. If I was to have to pick a single film camera I would get a BL4, I sold mine and have a single BL left but I prefer the BL4. I have 35IIC and 35-3 and I must say the 35-3 is nicer, but even so if I had to be limited to 2 cameras I would go with a 35-IIC and a BL4. Avoid the 35-IIA unless you want it for historic reasons. I have to say Dom has done a fantastic essay on the care and cleaning of the 35-II that everyone that wants one or owns one should review.
  2. Good work Arthur I love to see pushing the edges and in film!! Film Uber Alles!
  3. I have complete wiring diagram in German and rather difficult for someone that is not engineer to extract what you want from it. I can photo it for you but it is large like 48 X 24 inches. If you just want a cord for bl I am certain I can find one in my garage somewhere,
  4. I have, Konvas, Arriflex 35IIB's , Devry and a Eyemos. If I knew what kind of projects It would help. I have sold some cameras to people who want a real hard corp 1900's feel that the Devry provides and I sold Eyemos to reenactors that wanted authentic combat feel.
  5. You can get both from Arriflex New York parts department. You can also get the equivalent oil online and the grease equivalent at auto parts store but the amount of grease needed is miniscule.
  6. The konvas only looks like the Arri std it is not the same, the barrel is much larger diameter. You can get Kilfit adaptor to use m39 leica lenses on Arri std and bayonet. So it could also use any 39mm threaded lens as long as you deal with the 52mm flange distance for back focus. If you need lenses let me know what you need I have been cleaning out extras
  7. The S is loud as hell but there are blimps out there from Arriflex and Cine 60, probably others. There is an Arri blimp for an S for sale right now on ebay but I bet its heavy as all get out. I have a blimp for a 35II and its similar in appearance and was a lot.. To make it super sixteen you would have to make it hard front and even then I do not think the geometry works out.
  8. Arriflex 35BL-4 for sale I posted on ebay for $7,9995.00. My wife is going to retire and we are moving back to Europe and I need to sell all my bulky heavy stuff and that includes many cameras and accessories. The Ebay add describes it well and I will answer any questions you want. I will negotiate and as stated I do consider partial trades. I tried to post pictures but they are all to big, I will send extra pictures other than on ebay if you really have interest.
  9. As for the motor I would give you some credit for either a variable speed if I had a spare at the time, or a fixed speed 24fps that I know I have all dependent on how toaste the motor is.
  10. I have 400ft mags that need a torque motor, you only need one torque motor. I have both torque motors and magazines available.
  11. I refurbish Arriflex 16 s for a hobby, I have the parts you asked for, cover plate, and many others. I can tell you the system runs at 8 volts. You might be able to trade the motor for credit on a working one if you do not try to fix yourself.
  12. For the hand motor or the flatbase I do have both.
  13. I take it you no longer need the part
  14. You need the stud that the matte box mounts on? I will sell it to you as far as shield I do not know what you refer to. I have a broad variety of 35II parts gears, bearings, everything really.
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