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  1. Hey guys, This was a really useful forum. I am shooting a S16 short, planning for about 8,000' of film. We are getting it scanned at 2K on a Goldeneye II. I plan to receive ProRes4444 files for editorial. I have not scanned film before - I know I will receive log video files, but what is the best way to remap back to 709? I see a LUT in DaVinci for "Cineon to 709" - would this be what I'm looking for? I have a lot of experience creating my own LUTs for different camera manufacturer's log, but I really want to stay true to the 'film' color and contrast that we get from celluloid and at least start with a LUT that will get me as close as possible to the image as though it were projected from a print. I am planning to do a test next week, but I wanted to get as much information as possible. Any info you guys can provide would be great! Thanks! Marc
  2. Miquel, these are great. It's great to add new photographers to our visual vocabulary. I particularly love Alex Webb and William Eggleston. Phillip-Lorca diCorcia is pretty remarkable!
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