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  1. Hey Mark Appreciate your response and your valuable time for having checked out my web... i shall check out Children of Men. But could you be more precise on what kinda scene they are so that i could youtube them :)
  2. Hi Im a 3 film old DP from India... working on my upcoming feature ....We have lot of single shot sequences that would require vfx stitching...something very similar to the one in panic room...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdbpCc3OLgA. Trying to find a lot of references. Please help me by sharing some interesting ones from movies you might have come across. Could also be from stunt sequences too. Regards Aravinnd (www.aravinndsingh.com)
  3. @JB Earl... Not really. Indian cinema is very diversified. Indian cinema is not just about 'Bollywood'.. There are other two major industries based from India. Kollywood and Tollywood.. Both produce amazing films that are deep rooted with its culture. and to answer your question about western style and dhoom. Not really! Dhoom was just one such series. People love watching films that are more related to our culture and emotions with hollywood style making. We dont prefer western style indian movies because we always had access to Hollywood films. Hollywood films have a huge audience here....(P.S. 20th century fox, walt disney, warner has produced indian films here )..We have really evolved in terms of making. But ofcourse we cannot afford the budgets Hollywood action movies can, simply because of the language. We can only cater to the indian diaspora, Unlike Hollywood whose films are made in english which the whole world follows :)... well yes coming back to the film we were discussing. You should definitely watch the film. Its pure poetic film. rich with its visuals. im sure you would love it as much as i did. Here is the official trailer of the film.
  4. Here is the making video of that song. Hope it helps too :)
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