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  1. Hey all, So I have a project coming up and as part of my research I wanted to know a little bit more about how sports such as Football etc were captured. For eg What kind of cameras are used and at what data rate/resolution is footage captured ? What kind of lenses are used ? Do they have autofocus ? Is Auto focus used actively for sports ? What kind of rigs are used ? I know that in the USA chapman themselves make a lot of rigs.... but different sports use gear unique to their sports... Are sports shot at a higher frame rate and then broadcast at a lower frame rate ? Is this is a thing ? Any other tid-bits of information are welcome ! Cheers !
  2. Hey, So I have a project coming up where I have to light up something known as mixed reality, basically through mixed reality one can see the virtual reality world interacting with the user in real space To get a better understanding of what I mean you can take a look at the 1:30 second clip below To accomplish this one practically needs a 360 degree [more accurately a 180 degree Field of View] chroma screen that needs to be evenly lit. The room is 15 feet long/12feet wide and 12 feet high, although there is some amount of camera panning I can still place lights on axis behind the camera I have come up with a couple of approaches to lighting this, would love to hear what you guys think 1 - Use a drum light in the center of the room with seperate lights for the character if need be - Will this provide even lighting roughly throughout the space ? - How long is a drum light ? Since my frame is roughly a full body shot with a light grid only 12 feet high is there a chance that it may leak into my frame ? - How much does a drum light cost to hire in your part of the world ? 2 - Use Multi 20's in a softbox Or Kino Flo's [4 banks] Since the width is not too much I think one Multi 20 for each dimension or a kino can suffice to light the space evenly Am I missing something here ? Would a 2kw fresnel with the lens open be a better bet ? 3 - Placing bounce boards on the ceiling and lighting from below hoping that with some patience and well centered lights I might get even lighting across the room Also since this is quite literally my first Chroma Project any tips/tricks or pitfalls that I must avoid will be much appreciated :) Thank you for being so patient
  3. Hey ! So I am a photographer/cinematographer who owned a Canon Camera and am looking to purchase an a7s ii for both photo and video purposes. I have used it in the past but need a couple of recommendations in regard to lenses,memory cards etc 1 - Will my 580 ex ii canon flash work on it ? 2 - If not whats a good alternative that you recommend ? 3 - What is the sony equivalent to the 24-105 f 4 canon lens ? [Need an all purpose zoom for photography] 4 - What is a cheap and good canon mount adapter for the a7s 2 [this is primarily to use for photography purposes] I have been told that the cheaper adapters dont do AF well but I guess it will do 5 - I am looking to purchase an external recorder to monitor waveforms/ire and also get 10 bit 4:2:2, which recorder does this in the best price possible. What are the difference between External recorder models. Quick lesson on this is much appreciated 6 - Need to buy a couple of extra batteries, what chinese knockoffs do you recommend ? or is original the way to go ? 7 - Need to get a memory card that absolutely records 4k internally without any issues , what brand do you guys recommend 8 - I live in Mumbai/Bombay where the heat and humidity is real, is the camera as delicate as reviews claim ? Any Indian users wanna chip in on this 9 - How is sony after sales service ? What is and is not covered under warranty etc 10 - Whats a good alternative to the manfrotto 501 head, any other suggestions ? Basically I am looking for an affordable fluid head tripod with a head I can also mount on a monopod if need be. 11 - Is a cage, rods etc a must if I am running an external recorder or mount a heavy lens say Canon 75-200 f 2.8 Thanks Guys !
  4. And I just checked most generators in India give a pure sine wave
  5. Sent you a private message Mark, if you need any help let me know. Cheers
  6. I just chanced upon this post and ended up seeing your final output. You said intimate / homely etc which always makes me think of tungsten lighting/ You ended up using a daylight source with NO contrast in the image and practically rendedered the practicals as ineffective set dressing. It looks fine but its very far from the brief [iMO], however I might be wrong. I was thinking something like this
  7. I think what you mean by glow is hard slightly over exposed light of a deep colour thats been boosted up in post ?
  8. I think what you mean by sharpness is caused due to the oily/wet skin of the subject along with the hard light that has been used.
  9. Nice , But I feel that a couple of shots were really pushing underxposure in post thus causing a lot of noise. Like the night interior with blue shadows that comes somewhere around 56 seconds
  10. Hello, My name is Vivek and I have just completed my Masters in Cinematography from Annapurna International School of Film and Media, Hyderabad , India. If any of you kind folk are on the look out for an assistant or maybe even an Independent Cinematographer I would love to offer my services. You can find a link to my showreel below - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POevRd2WL7g If you have any queries feel free to e-mail me at venkat.vivek@gmail.com Thanks ! Vivek Venkatraman
  11. Hi Doug, I see some parallels in our backgrounds so I thought I should weigh in on this thread. I started out as a photographer myself and found going to film school to study cinematography of extreme value. In fact it did even help me grow a lot as a cinematographer and helped me decode what goes into the making of any image still or otherwise. On NYFA It seems like a school thats only interested in making money. Yes some of the faculty are "world class" etc. One of my friends in India [ I am from India] did end up going for their 6 month programme at the LA campus. He claims that he even got well paying jobs after that. [He was paid 300 USD in cash for 6 hours of gaffing etc] unfortunately getting a work VISA for us in the entertainment industry is hard in America. So clearly NYFA has some brand value within America. But if you are looking for a budget film school that goes in depth into the subject of cinematography I suggest the FAMU english programme in Prague. Its reasonably affordable and I have seen fellow students do really good work after that with a much better understanding of cinematography then a brand name school like FAMU. Also worth considering within America are Chapman and the American Film Institute. I am not sure however if these fall into your budget. Any how best of luck !
  12. I completely agree with Satsuki's post but since im still a student film-maker here are some amazing qualities that I have seen in the directors that I have worked with - 1 - Knowing the story and having a vision for every second of the story. 2 - Knowing what to do in off camera time and space to acheive the desired effect in the films time and space or atleast collabarating with people to make this happen 3 - Not being a dick
  13. From my limited knowledge of color grading and cinematography here are my thoughts on the subject - 1 - If you do end up shooting non-RAW you will not be able to key into your highlights or shadows as effectively as RAW allows, especially evident if you end up having something like baselight to grade on 2 - Log definetely needs a lot of grading, you cannot "re-make" your image as much as RAW but you need to balance your whites and blacks for sure. Also LOG takes on LUTS really very well which can be a good starting point for your grade. Thus a specific look for sure sure can be acheived on LOG but do NOT expect to save bad exposure in LOG as much as RAW will let you. 3 - Image capture, something like the 5 D is a disaster to grade however. You try and adjust your highlight and your entire image will end up taking on those new values. So yes 8 bit 5d footage has very limited scope when it comes to rescuing exposure and general flexibility.
  14. David, In your opinion other than thermacol [which I think is polystrene] What would be a could reflective surface that can bounce sunlight without creating a hot spot ? Does Muslin do the trick ? Or would you recommend ultrabounce ? Also is this the same bleached Muslin that is available in the Lee filter kit ?
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