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  1. hehehe well that sucks! nah... enjoy it. I want a S16 cam again. I regret selling my Les Boscher converted Eclair NPR. That thing was a tank.
  2. I may be interested in purchasing it from you if you want to let it go.
  3. http://youtu.be/G4T1Zi_azHM Shot mostly on the BMCC.
  4. At last!!! a real response! Thank you! Techy questions sometimes lead to robot answers. Not here... but in other forums. I feel I'm dealing with machines not people... no wonder cinema has gone down an even eternal swage drain. Thank you for the time to write such a detail opinion.
  5. Dear Freya... I have discarted any Red camera... for that amount of data and that price I will go for the A-cam.... but still I'm very torn. I don't know what to get...
  6. Gabriel... there is any other codec you could shoot with the camera?
  7. now that we are going back on forth any other camera suggestions?
  8. Adrian what is the crop factor on the fs700? also I love the BMCC... I saw a few out there... they are great cams... rolling shutter? I might be able to deal with it but the Ikonoskop is top runner... the only thing is the price. I might be able to secure more funds or try to get sponsored by Ikonoskop itself.
  9. Gabe I'm really interested in the Ikonoskop but the data management kills me. 80 gigs for 15 minutes?? also what are the things that you foresee that camera will have with new upgrades?
  10. @Freya: many people are selling their red one's at an incredible low price also I know a few people that got a few red one on sale to then re sell them to people like who could not afford the kit at the time. Maybe this is only happening in the US.
  11. Dear Adrian. Thank you for your input. In regards of glass, there is plenty of lenses from large format cameras and medium format cameras that no one has really used. I've had great results... but that is when I'm experimenting. To shoot this film I do want something very flexible as if I was shooting super 16 with an LTR 54. But at the same time I do enjoy a prepared lighting scenario. BMCC is a favorite, the same as the FS700 and the Ikonoskop ( yet I have issues with all them) but I think that is what I'm narrowing them down too. Scarlet is an option as well (I've shot a film with it. Cool little camera)
  12. I have been struggling with this for a long time. Looking for a camera for the last shooting phase of my 9 year old run documentary "Art Officially Favored" What I want is the following: I want to create highly cinematic scenes ( with the help of lighting of course be it natural or artificial) = quality To be able to run and shoot for some guerrilla scenes= stable Very little to no rolling shutter, specially useful in those guerilla moments I love to handheld my cameras. I've been using a 5d mark 2 for a long time and I hate the rolling shutter ( plus the moire and anti-ailising) but overall a "cute" camera to get plenty done. I want to step it up. Interchangeable lenses: I would love to use any kind of glass. My father is a photo-technician. I have access to all kind of glass... from all kind of times. (the dirtier the better) all kind of formats... we have had some really cool results with anything from the 1910's to the 60s. Also I love in camera tricks.... low shutter speeds and different frame rates.... (where is the fun!?) Sound: I have also the chance of a recorder... but why not getting something that is already part of the pack. I'm intending on getting a Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle if needed. Some of my my choices are the following ( please forgive me if these might sound a bit to random) BlackMagic Camera: I know... to new, to random.. yet isn't that the spirit of cinema. I know the price is 3k. I'm willing to put up the rest on the accessories... Panasonic AG-AF100A: Looks good as a doc camera but I'm afraid of rolling shutter and a camera that seems to be old tech. Sony FS700: Don't trust Sony tech but that might be an old juju of mine. This seems like a workable camera. Love the 4k possible upgrade. Like I said I feel this is the direction I want to go... where tech gets better (of course with limitations) Sony FS100: Same as up there... not 4k though, not slow mo Now to the crazy things Red One: they are on sale, they are big and robust but 4.5k with a build fan base and plenty of parts and room to grow. Ikonoskop A-Cam dii: this camera is weird, new... and so hot. I love this camera.... cons... price and their workflow. Can we make it happen... yes. But is it the best? Love the idea of being able to use any Super 16mm glass. My goal is to get a camera to finish this project but also to have a piece of gear that I could carry the edge to use in the next couple of projects. I would appreciate any kind of help and constructive opinions. Thanks Again.
  13. We shot this puppy in the middle of the Death Valley, CA. Las Vegas, NV and a bit in Hollywood. We used mainly the 17-40mm zoom by Canon L series and a few primes. The cameras never had a problem and they hold the beating pretty great. So Now go ahead and constructively criticize my work =D. Best
  14. I honored it the last day we talk which was the second of june.... it took that long for them to make the refund... not me... I posted it right away....
  15. @ Chris... this is from Paypal..... Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Support. We have received a request from Mr. Yernazian to verify the refund of the payment of $100.00 for the transaction that was made recently. The refund was made and has gone through as of today, June 14, 2011. The transaction ID for the refund is 3FH24068N3583621B and can be viewed by logging into your PayPal account and viewing the transaction history. If you do not see the refund in your account, I assure you it has been made by Mr. Yernazian, and you will need to contact us at 1-888-221-1161 to get the matter resolved. Thank you for your patience in the matter. Sincerely, Whitley PayPal Customer Solutions PayPal, an eBay Company maybe you need to open your account or be polite and ask a question before burning someone online..... or you run the risk of looking like an ass.... have a great life
  16. As I checked out, Paypal already made a refund to this gentleman who instead of checking his PayPal account he decided to lash out at me. Paypal will issue 2 letters of apology, one to Chris and one to me just in case their delay affected any of our bank accounts.... if anyone (specially the people running this forum) need or want any information I will happy to provide it. In the meantime I want to thank Chris Burke for being such a classy, negligent, guy that before sending this angry response he should have checked his account..... (this is the second time calling Paypal to make sure the payment went through and it did... just so you guys know and a get clue of what really is going here) ps to the dumbass: Paypal takes time to refund money... so you better take all this crap back. Specially the car salesman poop.... I don't use people and most definitely, I don't and I haven't scam anyone in my life....NEVER, you prick.
  17. Dead beat??? This money was taken from my account! as many in this site know I have never wrong anyone and I have always paid for materials, gear and so forth very fast! And yet as I understand his "frustration" this is a misunderstanding (I yet have to prove that because the money was taken from my account as I show here) http://www.flickr.com/photos/18373832@N00/5832378417/ @Chris do you think that I will try to burn my career and my reputation for a 100 bucks? and you call me names when I have sent you proof of what I got from my paypal? instead of saying dude there is a problem....... classy, very classy. To my cinematography.com fam... I apologize for this private issue and rest assured that like my past deals with anyone this will be resolved very shortly. Thanks
  18. Honestly. you are right.. there is plenty of people that have bypassed the knowledge of film by attaching themselves to digital media... but yet it is a very elities thing to say that.... and this is actualy not my case. If you become to a certain level you will understand that a medium is a medium... the most important thing is to tell a story. If I had a budget to shoot film will I? of course (I love super 16 above all other formats.... and yes including 65mm) but again I will not think of my visual preference but on the format that is better suited to the story... that creates character, identity and disciplines the identity of the profession.. the rest is all BS....
  19. I did put it here before craigslist! and I can't wait a month my friend..... you know how many filmmakers... people non the less live by "I was going to" or I though of" instead of just doing? plenty... it aint original... and definitely not smart. thanks for the inquiry
  20. Anthony I found that very lovely... but again is in the numbers, sadly. I had a full on Super 16 rig... I got to use it only 6 times. 6500 dollars later and broke. I bough a Canon 5D and partner with several DPs friends of mine to get things done. I'm proud to say I'm an indie filmmaker and I don't to show off that I'm shooting my film on film to make sure that I can tell a story and get the thing sold. I'm proud truly proud to say that. Now would I wish that I can shoot my films on Film> of course! but the reality to be able to approach the dream, success or what ever you want to call it and confronting the silly illusion of the Hollywood Glamour is what is pushing people to make films with those "junky" cameras....... I actually disagree, 100% with you. Thanks to those imitations I'm able to get pretty darn close to the look I want and allows me to get things done in the time that I expect to be done. Now, again do I want better aesthetics... always.... but in the time been, and with 17 years working my ass off to get to where I want... i will stick to making the best with what I got.. and so far it has been working extremely well Thanks
  21. It might be, regardless this whole film vs digital, ends up in the numbers.... and actual production. I directed a feature entirely with Canon 5Ds and 7Ds.... not a problem, not a glitch... is it 16mm or 35mm? nop, but the movie is done and we are happily editing and working to get it distributed..... you tell me ps: I did send you an email... we should meet up.
  22. Funny, I've been waiting... nada! ;)
  23. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pho/2362810664.html for weeks I have been trying to sell 2 rolls of 16mm single perf...the reponse? nothing.... someone telling me... dude I thought you were a film guy.... I am, but also digital, but also clay.... and flesh and photos and what ever helps me tell a story No offers... nothing.... for stock that a year ago it will cost me 250 or more..... ladies and gents, Film is dead.... enjoy your dhslrs Best
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