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  1. Hi, I´d suggest a Aaton A-Minima camera. It is a modern design it´s small and quiet.
  2. Hi, Orwo UN54 is very good when it is processed as negative stock. That´s the way I use it.
  3. He has made the film path just a little tiny bit wider.
  4. I have had trouble with ORWO 16mm Film too. In my 16SR3 it lost the loop and finally it got stuck and jammed the camera. I phoned Arri about the problem and they suggested not to use ORWO Film at all. But they would not say why. A conversation with ORWO´s Herr Boehme did not solve the problem. He insisted that ORWO film is in tolerance with all relevant 16mm film norms. That made me curious to find out about the difference between Kodak/Fuji and ORWO Film. A friend of mine works in a mechanical lab. He found out that 16mm ORWO Film is a very tiny little bit wider than Fuji/Kodak film is. And that´s what causes the trouble in modern 16mm cameras. The film gets stuck in the film path because it is too wide. After many phone calls I have found someone who could confirm the cause of the trouble with ORWO Film. Schorsch is a former Arri employee now working as an independent camera mechanic. He modified the film path in my camera so that ORWO Film runs smoothly now. The modification has no impact on the steadiness of images taken on Fuji/Kodak stock.
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