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  1. Hey everyone, My Angenieux 9.5-57 needed to be sent to Duclos for repairs and I have a shoot coming up the 7th-14th. I'm wondering if there are any rental houses in LA that might still rent b-mount lens? Or there are any individual owners that would rent me a b-mount zoom (doesn't necessarily have to be that Angenieux) for that week? Many thanks.
  2. Just wanted to share a short film I did with a model last week for fun. We were shooting in freezing temperatures of around 6 degrees, with a -10 wind chill. Super props for Keira, as even the camera kept freezing it was so cold! haha Camera: Beaulieu 6008sKodak 250D
  3. Thanks for the heads up, and glad to hear you're using it on a job! Yeah, I'd love to see some footage and your thoughts on using one. There really isn't much information out there on them, but I'm curious about knowing more, for sure.
  4. Thank you all for the complements! Sorry for the delay, just got off a month long show (grateful to be working a job this long during covid). I'll check into the lens mount, I'm guessing it was the cartridge and pressure plate acting up, but looking into the lens isn't a bad suggestion either. I'm about to shoot some more with it soon and would like to make sure it's working properly.
  5. Yeah, it makes the most sense, considering the camera seems to be running perfectly, and the other two rolls didn't have issues. On a positive note, the other footage came back nice, haha.
  6. Hi everyone, Did some shooting a few weeks back, three rolls of 7219, all from Pro8mm. First two rolls worked great, but the moment I loaded up the third roll, the problems began. As I started rolling with my Beaulieu 6008s, I kept getting an error light after a few seconds of "rolling". After some trial and error with the sharpie trick, I figured out the cartridge was jammed. I tried multiple times the slap trick to loosen the film, to no avail. Eventually, I watched a Pro8mm video that suggested pulling some of the film out gently, then rolling it back into the cartridge. This appeared to work, and I continued the next day shooting, finishing out the roll. I got the footage back, and everything came out wonderful, besides the last half of that final 3rd roll. It was more or less blurry, and would pop in and out of focus. I've attached a clip where you can see this happening (both graded and log). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ai1fvD82pZL5i7mGggdKIkt07RwXcE9P/view?usp=sharing Is this an issue with the cartridges pressure plate and the film being previously jammed, or could it be an issue that is coming from the camera? Wondering peoples thoughts....
  7. Hi Martin, Amazing. Thank you so much for the detailed response. I forgot to mention when I was metering, I was using my external light meter, rather than the one in-camera. Some of those scenes I was getting a 2 or 1.4 for my key, so I was already wide open, but wasn't aware I was nearly a stop different in camera because the shutter! I'm treating my Super8 shooting as a way to practice with film during the pandemic, so shooting at 24fps is my go-to. Regarding fading, I'm not currently interested in using that, though the feature is cool! I'll give the 1/60 shutter a chance next week and see if I like it better. Beyond the lack of fading, and additional motion blur, are there any other downsides to shooting entirely in LL mode? Is the sharpness drastically different? Thank you again for the detailed and timely response!
  8. Hi there, Just started getting into Super8 during the pandemic and bought myself a Beaulieu 6008s. Shot and got back my first roll, and was overall happy with it. Here's some stills for fun: https://imgur.com/a/w7vM3Ft Upon re-reading the manual, I noticed the "Normal" setting at 24fps for the shutter angle is 1/96, as opposed to the LowLight mode which is 1/60. Any reason why 1/96 is considered normal? I was wondering why my footage looked a little darker than I was metering (luckily I was trying to shoot a stop over when I could). Seems like for 24fps it'd be much more natural to have the shutter at the 1/60. Thanks.
  9. Hey there, Just throwing it out there, but have you could maybe rent a MOVi gimbal, and operate it at slower speeds in the back of a pickup truck? The Alexa might be pretty heavy to do that with though, so maybe if you have a smaller B-cam you can use it for that shot. Just a guess.
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