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  1. I love the conversation this has started. For me, filmmaking is a labor of LOVE. I truly love the creative process and the work of bringing a visual idea or concept to life on the big screen. In my little bit of experience, it's challenging, exhilarating, immensely satisfying and (am I allowed to say?) fun! :) I've been incredibly blessed to have been involved with projects lead by a tight-knit community with a renegade, DIY spirit when it came to making movies. It bums me out a little to hear that it's such a grind to some. Or that money and business is such a driving factor. I hope that whatever your filmmaking goals are, you never lose your heart. It's your most valuable asset in life! Thank you all for the wonderful discussion and for sharing you thoughts and experiences. It's very helpful and thought-provoking to consider another perspective.
  2. Alan, that is some practical, solid advice. Thank you very much! James, that is some wisdom of experience. I really love the thought that everything within the frame communicates, and to fill (or leave open) that space with intention. Thank you so much for sharing! Sidenote: I totally agree about some of the greatest films coming out of Hollywood -- my favorites certainly did!
  3. Is anyone making films in or around Nashville? I would love to have a creative community of filmmakers to work with in this town. Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  4. Thank you for your input, David! I mean no disrespect to filmmakers working in (or towards) the Hollywood entertainment industry. I've read several posts on here that strongly emphasize the importance of connections for making it big in the industry; I simply wanted to be clear that I don't aspire to take that particular path. I just want to make my little films as brilliantly and beautifully as possible, wherever I'm planted. What books do you recommend that give a greater overview of cinematography? Or do you think it's better to focus on text about a specific film?
  5. My goal is to be a master at visual storytelling. I'm captivated by light and shadow, by using moving images to share an idea. I'm a novice filmmaker and have a long way to go before I'm an expert at any aspect of filmmaking -- but the passion and commitment to learn are ever present. What avenues of education and experience do you believe lead to a greater understanding of visual storytelling through film? What are your most powerful memories or impressions of making a film? How have those moments shaped or guided you as a filmmaker? Thank you in advance for what you have to share. I'm excited to learn and grow! Holly
  6. Hi Jason, Have you looked into the New York Film Academy? I attended a 6-Week Filmmaking Workshop they hosted in Boston a couple years ago and would recommend them. We were loading cameras and shooting test footage by Day #3. You can learn more about NYFA here: http://www.nyfa.edu/filmmaking/ Best to you and your filmmaking endeavors! Holly
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