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  1. Interesting! This definitely sounds like the most plausible answer. Thank you David and Greg!!🙏🏻
  2. Could be... A friend of mine just told me he's seen on instagram another DP using these and apparently it's some kind of secret vintage diffusion filter? Who knows...
  3. Hi there, Would anyone happen to know what an 'MDA' filter is? Or what filter it stands for? I was sparking on a set recently (just before the whole virus thing) and I noticed the DP's matt box on the shoot had an 'MDA' lable on it as well as a Pola for polariser. Just curious to know what the filter was. Cheers
  4. Thank you for this Charlie. I'm sure they just made those changes so people would buy the more expensive F meter. Would you happen to know that the conversion sum or how much compensation i'd need from 1/60s to 25fps @1/50s? Hugo
  5. This is the meter with the 6v batt + measure lock. Manual: https://www.cameramanuals.org/flashes_meters/minolta_spotmeter_m.pdf
  6. Hello Charlie, The thing is though, there is a another version of the M that takes a 6v battery (and has a mesure lock where the on/off button is) that does say it can measure 1/50s after 30m in the manual, which, is why i'm confused as to why your's and mine both don't measure 1/50s. Cool snoot! Would you also happen to know how much compensation i'd need if I shot 25fps?
  7. Think I will have to. If I was shooting 25fps, how much would I be overexposing then?
  8. On my Minolta M Spotmeter when I get to 30m and press the decrease key again, nothing happens...
  9. See that's what mine doesn't seem to be doing... Is yours the one with the 6v battery?
  10. Hi there, I just purchased a Minolta spotmeter M (AA battery version) and I can't seem to find the 1/50s metering mode on it. In the manual it states I need to decrease the time/shutter speed past 30min to get to the 1/50s, but my meter it doesn't seem to do this... I noticed the manual that I was reading was for the 6v battery version and not my aa battery one (I can't find a manual for an AA one). Would anyone happen to know how to get to the 1/50s mode on an AA battery version or whether or not the AA battery version does not support this mode? - Cheers - H
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