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  1. Ooooh, that is very interesting. I have not come across the models with inbuilt light meters, nor constant speed motors with that little box on the side. That might well be the transistor? A person likely to be able to tell you will be Sean Charlesworth, who was head repair at NYU looking after their sizeable 16S collection. I'm afraid I cannot advise you on the power supply with a view to the light meter. But I think you're absolutely right to err on the side of caution; light meters are sensitive bits of equipment. Both the variable speed motors and the governor controlled constan
  2. Hi Thomas, I have exactly the same model (16S/B-GS) and been fashioning new power supplies for it the past couple of weeks. As regards motors, Arri themselves produced the Variable Speed Motor (probably the most common one still in use), running of 8.4 V battery power for 4-48 fps, and then two types of constant speed motors, known as Governor Controlled Motors, one for 24 fps, one for 25 fps. They also take 8.4 V, although technically, you could power them with 6V car batteries at the time too, for around 18 fps. For the B-GS models in particular, Arri later produced a new mo
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