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  1. Hey Matthew I’m also an aspiring student filmmaker. I also shoot on film, currently arri 2c. I’m interested in working with you in future projects. I currently reside in Rhode Island
  2. Yeah I have a constant motor 2pin to 5 pin xlr
  3. I’m looking for a an arri 2c Crystal sync motor. Looked everywhere even eBay but can’t find it
  4. Thank you. I’m going to try bleach bypass. I wanted to create this exact look in my future films. Do you have any recommendations of lighting I need or lense to create this look as of course bleach bypass. Also I shoot on Arri 2c and wanted to try on this camera. What lense would be good for it.
  5. Hi I just recently watched lost souls by Janusz Kaminski, and wanted to know how to create the lighting effect and color grade he had throughout movie. I’m interested knowing to how to create these effects and lighting. I can send pictures for example. I shoot on Arri 35mm.
  6. Boris bruno

    Arri 35 IIC

    Ok thanks for responses I guess I have to get my camera motor modified or wire. Where can I get my camera power cable modified to 4pin xlr to use 12v battery. My current motor is 2 pin. My power cable is 2 pin to 5pin
  7. Boris bruno

    Arri 35 IIC

    Will it fit a 2pin to 5pin xlr
  8. Boris bruno

    Arri 35 IIC

    So what are some recommendations of battery to use for the motor I have it placed to go
  9. Boris bruno

    Arri 35 IIC

    Thank you very much as for the battery what do you guys think I should buy for battery. I think my camera is 2pin to 5pin xlr. I’m not sure here’s a picture of my motor and power cable
  10. Boris bruno

    Arri 35 IIC

    I will
  11. Boris bruno

    Arri 35 IIC

    This is all the accessories I have so far
  12. Boris bruno

    Arri 35 IIC

    Hi guys so I as in accessories I only have camera and gates. I also have motor and two mags. I don’t know what else I need besides lens. can you guys lead me to where to find accessories I checked eBay and didn’t really find much. I need battety I have power cord. Also I’m looking into to buying tripods and how to assemble with video monitor.
  13. Boris bruno

    Arri 35 IIC

    Thank you so much to all you guys. This was very helpful. So pretty much I have an arri 2c with bncr mount a few gates, I’ll send pictures. I will upload a picture of what I have
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