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  1. Very interested in purchasing a red epic m dragon 6k or 8k. Also a red weapon dragon. Let me know I’m in the search for.
  2. Hey is it still available, I’m very interested
  3. In search to buy An Arri 535 and 435. Very interested.
  4. In search of any model Arriflex 35mm cameras. Looking to purchase.
  5. Hi Bruno, I've got an Arri S here that should work but not tested for $500

  6. Hi I’m in the need of any model Arri sr cameras don’t mind if they don’t work or untested. I checked eBay nothing really good. Please let me know. I’m also interested in Bolex El
  7. Hi I’m interested purchasing a film camera preferably super 16mm I’m located in Albany NY. My price range is up to $1500
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