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  1. I’m looking for a set designer and editor for my short film. I’m shooting a horror short film. I reside in Massachusetts. I’m looking for a video editor and set designer.
  2. Looking for Dp to join my crew. Ready to shoot music video, films, etc
  3. Hi Name is Boris I’m a young director looking for a team in creating a film crew. I need a Dp/camera operator. I’m preferably looking for one located in Massachusetts. I shoot music videos, short films, etc. I’m trying to work ASAP
  4. I’m a new amateur filmmaker located in Massachusetts looking for places to rent nice 16mm cameras preferably eclair, arri, bolex. Anywhere in Massachusetts or near or anyone in mass. Also what’s the best place to learn how to film with film cameras
  5. Looking for an eclair for sale at a good reasonable price, or any other 16mm sound camera
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