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  1. Hi I have a bolex h16 reflex and I’m looking to use it for some gimbal shots or on glide cam. Does anyone have any recommendations on fluid head to get so I can be able to attach. Also any ways of attaching bolex to gimbal or slider. Thank you
  2. Hi I’m a director based in Rhode Island. I’m working on few projects and I’m new to the area. I want to start up few of my projects, but I’m in need of a dp/cinematographer. Also I’m in need of a crew based or near area, to help. I’m looking for long run relationship on future projects. This can be considered passion projects but will pay if necessary.
  3. It’s a thriller about a mans journey to finding clarity through the shadows of his defaults. Do you know any cameras
  4. Hi my name is Boris and I’m a director in Rhode Island. I’m new to the area and unfamiliar with camera rental houses in area. I’m in dire need of Arri Sr3 or Arri416 for short film. I’m looking to rent for 2 days. Please let me know if anyone or any place has it available near my area
  5. Is it still available
  6. Boris bruno

    Konvas 2m

    Any konvas motors for sale
  7. In need of 17 EP-16 APK motor konvas
  8. Boris bruno

    Konvas 2m

    Thanks guys I have an oct 19 mount any suggestions on lens, or any place to get it modified to pl mount?
  9. Boris bruno

    Konvas 2m

    Hi I just purchased a konvas 2m, new to this camera. What tripods would fit for camera. Also any stabilizers or glides that will fit.
  10. Hi I’m looking to purchase a bolex h16 reflex camera or any other reflex 16mm cameras like beaulieu r16 canon scooping, arr16, arr2bc, etc my price range is the highest $600
  11. Hi my name is Boris I currently reside in Rhode Island and I’m currently looking for for dp for projects. Let me know I’m looking to start working on projects ASAP
  12. Hi my name is Boris I just recently moved to Rhode Island. I’m not familiar with any production or film based jobs in area. Does anyone know any in area. I’m willing to works as a pa in production or any film production based jobs
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